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Zolpidem is a non benzodiazepine prescription medication used in the treatment of insomnia . It is known to induce and enhance the quality of sleep. Long term use can result in drug tolerance which can lead to increased use, abuse and addictive use. Common brand names of the same are Ambien, Zolfresh etc Addiction to Zolpidem is a growing problem in India and the rest of the world. It is not supposed to be  available over the counter without prescription. The effect of sedation sets

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A person who has an addictive personality is somebody who is very sensitive and finds it very difficult to process and manage his/her emotions. There is almost as if an inability to do so. An inability to identify, express and deal with emotions .  In such a person there can be incidents pushed back into the subconscious by suppressions and repressions of incidents that have proved to be painful but the emotions of which linger on.  There can be displacements of and projections of these

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Cocaine has been the party drug of choice of the movers and shakers for a long time now. However, there is a dangerous trend across the world, of the concurrent use of alcohol and cocaine . As a consequence , the use abuse and addiction to both cocaine and alcohol simultaneously is on the rise. Many con current users need alcohol in order to use cocaine . Alcohol is a downer. Snorting cocaine causes an instant high ; however the quantum of cocaine consumed can

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Skin that turns to look like that of a crocodile. This is the effect of Krokodil or Desomorphine a opiate derivative , the use of which has been sweeping Russia and now even United States. Heroin use and addiction is predominant in Russia amongst addicts,   primarily fixers( those who inject the drug) Heroin is however extremely expensive especially after the legal crackdown on the supply into the country. Non availability however does not mean that the addiction to the substance stops. The Russians soon found

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Consumption of alcohol results in a mood alteration and a behavioral change. The sense of judgement and rationality go for a toss resulting in a reduction of inhibitions , a magnification of all existent emotions . The resultant behavior  will be a manifestation of that either in an excessive emotional outburst or uninhibited behavior. Addiction to alcohol which takes a long duration and quantum of consumption results in an identification with the personality that surfaces after drinking.  The person can be impulsive , irrational, emotional, 

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“ Tum itna jo muskara rahe ho.. kya Gham hai iisko chupa rahe ho. “ listening to this song can bring back memories of a heartbreak. “ Char glass vodka ..” The song of Honey Singh the  Indian rap star is reminiscent to many of the days and nights spent in drunk soliloquy A lot of country music is around drinking . These memories or being in situations like these can trigger a desire to use drugs or drink alcohol in those with a problem

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