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Psychology of Addiction

Psychology is scientific studies of the mind. Mind is a concept. It does not have a geographical location.. Addiction is a curse to human species. As we all human beings are hedonistic by default. Last 35 years I have been trying to understand human behavior related to these two concepts of mind and addictive behavior. Irrespective of conceptual framework of medical models of modern medicine, oriental concepts, homeopathy or Vedic studies; all have described it as having manifestations on mind, body, interpersonal, social, legal, ethical

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Mephedrone aka m-cat aka meow- meow

A drug that has taken the Mumbai streets by storm due to lacunae created by poor quality cocaine and is cheaper than it, is Mephedrone also known as M-CAT/ meow-meow/plant food etc. Mephedrone [4-methyl methcathinone (4-MMC) or 4-methyl ephedrone,] is a synthetic stimulant akin to amphetamines and is a cathinone similar to those found in the psychostimulant plant Khath used in Africa. It is sold across the world as plant food and research chemicals online in order to by pass legal bans and routes. History 

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How to talk to your child about a parents addiction

Growing up in a family in which a member is addicted to alcohol or drugs , can be chaotic and scary to a child. Witnessing the fights and the tears between the parents and the displaced anger they are inflicted upon many times makes them believe that they are responsible for the drinking or using of their addicted parent.  It is confusing. They can get reactive, aggressive angry. The academic studies are affected. They can become under achievers or over achievers to compensate for the

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MDMA [3,4,methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine]

The rave and party drug that has taken the party scene by a storm for several decades . it is available in Pill form – Ecstasy – which can however be adulterated by bath salts[cathionines]  or any other chemicals. It is called Molly for “molecular” available in capsule form but which can be mixed with bath salts again. It is also available in crystal form which is swallowed or dissolved in water and drunk . Powdered versions are also available  which are snorted. it is

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N Benzyl Methoxy – This is of the class of phenyethyamine derivatives that have been used as research chemicals. It was discovered in 2003 by a chemist Ralph Haim in the Free University of Berlin. It entered the market following research experiments done at Purdue University in 2010. It is a powerful synthetic hallucinogen , psychedelic and stimulant sold as other hallucinogens  LSD or mescaline in the market. It is much cheaper than LSD. It is a designer drug as it is made in the

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“It is only a herb” “It is all natural”” It is not addictive” “ It is being legalized across the world now” “Even Lord Shiva is said to have used it always” These are some of the justifications I hear from people who use or are addicted to using the products of the innocuous plant Cannabis also called, pot ,hash weed, marijuana etc. “I have an emotional connect with pot , Charlie(cocaine) I can do without, but not pot“ said one of our clients .

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