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Children adult children addicted alcohol drugs

  Children are deeply affected by the addictive drinking or using of adults in the house. They learn co dependent behaviors of denying the existence of the problem and not talking about or confronting the drinking. Consequent to the environment at home the children develop different compensating personalities. Inhibited – they live with anxiety and guilt blaming themselves for their parent’s using, and anxiety regarding anticipating behaviors. In adulthood they suffer from Generalized anxiety High Functioning- they work extra hard at school, push themselves many

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Addiction and nutrition

Alcohol and drug abuse /addiction can result in numerous and gross nutritional deficiencies that hamper the physical and mental health of the individual. A healthy diet plays a major role in sustaining and improving the quality of life in recovery. Alcohol and drug use can affect nutrition in the following ways (i)  Not eating- drinking and using drugs causes a drop in appetite and at times they forget to eat. (ii)  Eating insufficient– Drinking /using drugs is given a priority over eating . (iii)  Overeating-

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Youth And Addiction

The youth of any generation are the clay of which future adults emerge. The youth today are the special ones who have the world literally in the palm of their hands. There is so much information bombardment. The minds that are already highly impressionable are spoilt for choice . There is also an excessive experimentation , use ,abuse and addiction to drugs and alcohol seen amongst them. The incidences of dependency and addiction to substance amongst them is increasing by leaps and bounds. In India

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Currently in society “fun” is associated with drinking and using . Every occasion in most households is incomplete without opening the bottle. By the time it reaches the stage of addiction drinking and using is no longer fun  but is indulged in  to keep away pain. There would be a glass in hand or a nip hidden in the socks when going to watch a movie or a match or picnic . No meal is eaten in a restaurant that does not serve alcohol. A

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Addiction to alcohol and drugs today, is a problem that has beset the society at large. It is not a “it cannot happen to me” or “it cannot happen to us “scenario any longer. It could be someone in your neighborhood, friends, relatives, family or that someone can even be you! Gone are the days when a person would consume alcohol to enjoy the taste , the drink and the good feel it leaves behind. The current young generation are the ones that live on

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Alcohol affects every part of the body. Alcohol addiction makes the damage worse. Fear of suffering or death too does not make the person stop, revealing the inability to do so , thereby highlighting the nature of the disease of addiction. The solution to arrest it is treatment in an alcohol rehab where in one experiences living and celebrating life beyond alcohol. Talking about the top of the head– Hair loss and male pattern baldness increases Skin – can have eczema, psoriasis etc. Heart– makes

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