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Destination Treatment

Anatta Humanversity- Rehabilitation from Addiction with a difference. A Destination Therapy approach.

Niche aspects of Anatta’s treatment program is a Single -client residential process providing one on one counseling 24/7, accepting clients who come only of their own volition, a non medical process , complete confidentiality ; the latest approach being transporting this same module and treating clients at unique destinations across the world – called as Destination Therapy.

Destination Therapy –  A process that involves a team that travels across the globe in treating our client. We use private islands, or plush properties keeping the client’s choices in mind. Details of venues are discussed and finalized with clients directly.

Worldwide, the individual and societal problems due to Alcohol and Drug Abuse progressing to an addictive life style and the consequent progressive deterioration of the human values are well recognized. Following the usual norms of a medical and psychological model of care, sustained sobriety beyond a year of drug free interval has been time and again shown to be disappointing and exceedingly low.

At Anatta, we also bring in an entirely different single client treatment set up, a concept often unrecognized or a forgotten dimension of rehabilitation from addiction – . Efforts are made to help the individual in recovery to experience the phenomenon of ‘Re-joyment’ without the support of a chemically driven neurobiological and hormonal effect. This Re-joyment is an essential and final component in the WHO model of recovery.

While it is necessary to address and care for medical and psychological issues that may coexist in the addictive physical framework, through expert professional one- on- one care and counseling, the setting for extended recovery is established through holistic technologies such as Counseling and Meditation. Alternate therapies are encouraged. All individuals will have a programme specifically tailored to their needs Anatta aims to provide this opportunity, through support and guidance with daily protocols in an environment completely suitable and at the choice of the individual undergoing therapy. This has been the 13 year experience of the programme so far.

Revolutionizing this is taking the client away from recognizable and routine environs to destinations across the globe that are closer to nature wherein internalization of all the processes can happen free from external encumbrances. Seclusion, natural beauty, peaceful surroundings, creature comforts and connectivity are the main selection points for destinations in the programme.

The programme also addresses codependency issues at an equal footing to dependency issues.

Hence the intent to a Destination Therapy.

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