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Detox Centre in Nagpur

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Detox Centre in Nagpur

Alcohol Rehabilitation/ Deaddiction & Drug Treatment centres in Nagpur

Anatta Humanversity Pvt.Ltd., a rehabilitation centre, for alcohol & drugs addiction, has spread its reach to Nagpur, over the last 3 years. AHPL provides a residential, voluntary, non-medical, client specific, exclusive treatment for those afflicted (dependent) and affected (codependent) by addiction to alcohol and drugs. We maintain complete client anonymity and confidentiality. Counselling and meditation are the primary modalities of the treatment program for alcoholics and drug addicts along with other alternate therapies leading to a fulfilling life beyond any substance abuse.

Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs is defined as a progressive problem. Behavioural pattern of an individual to seek pleasure or to reduce pain by consuming an intoxicant has a tendency to grow in intensity, frequency & duration.  There is inability to reduce or refrain from the behaviour, when tried; there is distinct physical and psychological pain, also known as going into withdrawals. This is reduced by repeating the same act of drinking alcohol or using drugs.

This behaviour directly causes impairment of the personal, interpersonal, social and spiritual life of an individual. Thus addiction is a psychosocial issue affecting the individual as a whole.

When usage reaches the stage of addiction, the person is controlled and consumed by the substance; alcohol or drugs. The solution, in our experience, is residential rehabilitation stay in a voluntary and non-medical program.

Substance Abuse or Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a huge problem existing and increasing in Nagpur and for this reason we have Anatta Huanversity which is one of the top substance abuse treatment centres in Nagpur.  For alcohol and drug addicts Anatta Humanversity has an effective de-addiction and rehabilitation centre in Nagpur.

The awareness of addiction and the solutions available is the need of the hour and so we have Anatta Humanversity which is one of the best drug addiction treatment centres.

Share the solution-Alcoholism & Drug Addiction are problems known to all- awareness of the solution is what is required-  be socially responsible- someone somewhere might find help and You might be instrumental in saving Lives.

Come experience an alternate life treatment program with us!

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