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Treatment with Dignity

May 9, 2022


ORIGIN STORY OF COCAINE Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant drug. The coca leaves (Erythroxylon coca) have been chewed and ingested by the people in South […]
May 5, 2022


The young of any generation receive the best and the worst of what the previous generation never had. They, thus receive an ever-changing clay as life […]
June 26, 2021

Understanding Alcohol Withdrawal: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prevention

When a person starts drinking alcohol on a regular note, then your brain starts demanding it’s need every day, every time. If your brain adjusts to […]
June 26, 2021


Drug addiction is a habit which in not an easy nut to crack. Inspite of a lot of efforts, therapies, and even a long duration of […]
June 26, 2021

Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

It just starts from just one peg at night to wind down from a breakup or a stressful day at work. Then, over a period of […]
June 16, 2021

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol consumption is a social activity. People drink with their family, friends and peers. This makes them feel happy, exuberant and lively. So, the answer is […]
June 15, 2021

Substance Abuse

Some people facing worse situations in life easily falling prey to substance abuse. Reasons can be uncountable from personal to professional. Sometimes major career setback gives […]
May 20, 2021

Prevention of Drug Addiction

In 2006, substance reliance or misuse was analysed in about 22.6 million people in the United States. Addiction-related dismalness and mortality represent a significant weight to […]
May 20, 2021

How to stop Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can adversely affect an individual’s life in an assortment of ways. It can obliterate their wellbeing, funds, profession, and connections. Lamentably, those living with […]

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      What is a Rehab?


      What is the Single client Destination treatment program at Anatta?


      What are the different stages of addiction?


      What are the denials in Substance use and how can one address them?


      Mr Mahesh Hiranandani

      Managing Director and Counsellor
      Primary Counsellor and Facilitator

      Since 2003, he has been actively treating those afflicted and affected by chemical dependency using Meditation and Counseling as cornerstones of therapy.


      Dr Rajiv N Jerajani

      Psychiatrist and Consultant
      M.D(Psych) PhD.D.F.M

      Dr. Jerajani is a consultant psychiatrist with a niche practice in Mumbai for the last three decades. He has worked in the field of Chemical Dependency ever since.


      Ms Vandana Hiranandani

      Administrative Director & Family Therapist
      Management expert & counsellor

      Vandana Hiranandani is an important part of the team of Anatta that helps organise Seminars, Workshops and Awareness Programs facilitated by Anatta Humanversity.


      Dr Sujatha Nair

      Director and Counsellor
      B.H.M.S.,PG Hom.(Lon.)

      A Bachelor in Homoeopathic Medical Science from Mumbai with a Post Graduation from The Hahnemann College of Homoeopathy – London.


      Dr. M. Shashidhara Menon

      Consultant Cardiologist, expert in Addiction management & HIV-AIDS care

      Dr. M. Shashidhara Menon trained at the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune (1974) and Institute of Naval Medicine (Mumbai University), India, has done post doctoral Fellowship training in HIV Medicine and Biostatistics from the University of South Florida, USA