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Are you aware of anyone in your family or acquaintance regarding their drug and alcohol addiction? Are they living in or near Chennai? Then, it is the right time to give them attention and help them recover from their addiction in Chennai.
Chennai is enriched with both culture and colors which make it an ideal place for a comfortable treatment. From the soothing Marina Beach to mouth-relishing Chettinad cuisine, it can offer a wide range of sources of comfort to you during your stay.
About 15 years ago, Chennai had to take help from its neighboring metros like Bangalore to provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment. But, every year the number of addicts rose exponentially making it difficult for the authorities in Chennai to cope with the neighboring cities. That is why, today, Chennai has one of the most extensive network of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in India making it one of the ideal spots for people across the globe.

Begin Your Journey To Recovery With Anatta

With a well-organized support team, we are determined to provide you a comfortable, confidential and ensured recovery journey.
We understand the social stigma that an addict and the associated family goes through. That’s why, our treatment centers provide extremely confidential drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Chennai.
Our Alternate Life therapy program for a single client happens in a luxurious ambience with client specific treatment. This includes counseling, meditation, writing, other alternate therapies. Hence each of our addiction treatment centres in Chennai ensures a single client, completely confidential process.

For more details regarding our treatment programs, you can directly contact Anatta’s customer support team:
Call: +91 9967334000 / +91 9867007766

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