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Do you know anyone who is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction from Pune and their family is looking for a reliable and reputable drug rehabilitation center in Pune? Then you have undoubtedly reached the very right place. The city of Pune is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra that has a great historical significance.

Well, the prime reason for it is, Pune has been retained as the capital city of the Maratha Empire founded by King Shivaji , later ruled by the Peshwas that lasted from the year 1674 to 1818. Today, Pune is known mainly for its rapid industrialization and IT boom where many top companies have its offices. The city has developed the higher education sector as well with many top Universities and B-Schools .

However, even with such a glorious history, Pune has been today in the forefront of increasing drug addiction cases. Moreover, all these have become a significant reason for concern for the local administration and police as here most victims are the youth especially college students. However, in comparison to these rising incidents of teens getting involved in drug abuse, there is a dearth of good rehabilitation center in Pune. This is where Anatta Humanversity, Pune comes in your one-stop drug rehabilitation center in Pune.

Reason For Choosing Anatta Rehabilitation, Pune

  • We have a well-organized medical support team that remains committed to offering the best rehabilitation support to clients.
  • Our center has a well-maintained team of doctors, psychiatrists, peer counselors etc. , who have a combined 100+ years of experience in treating clients addicted to drugs as a premier rehab center in Pune.
  • Our therapeutic processes happen in a luxurious exclusive ambience holistically , with Counseling, meditation and other alternative treatment processes .
For more details regarding our treatment programs you can directly contact Anatta’s customer support team at +91 9967334000 / +91 9867007766 or mail us all your queries at

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