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If you are searching for the best rehab centres in India, then you have reached the right place at Anatta Humanversity. We are one of the pioneer names amongst the leading drugs rehabilitation centres in India that offers complete drug rehab solution to clients from across the world. From the time of inception, we have been committed to provide the best treatment to all those suffering from addiction to drugs who have come to us . We have an excellent infrastructure in terms of delivering world-class treatment to the same.

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Anatta Humanversity- Best Rehab in India

Why Choose Anatta Humanversity Pvt Ltd ?

  • Anatta is a pioneer amongst all the alcohol rehabilitation centre in India that provides niche drug addiction treatment in a luxurious ambience that is voluntary , through various processes of counselling, meditation, and other alternative therapies.
  • Our team comprises of the best in the field of professionals and experiential counselors for alcohol addiction treatment in India.
  • We have developed an excellent customer support team that provides solutions to all kinds of queries that you have on any of our treatment
  • We follow a very holistic approach in therapy as an alcohol rehabilitation centre in India.
  • The goal of treatment is to not find the need to use and find joy within yourself in recovery.
  • We treat the entire family, hence co-dependency treatment is as important a part of our therapeutic processes as it is for the dependent making us a premier deaddiction & rehabilitation centres in Delhi.

Understand Addicts and the effects of Addiction

Many people don’t understand how they get addicted to drugs and alcohols. When their ill effects start happening on their physical and mental health, then they realise about how dangerous their future can become if they don’t leave it soon. Definitely, the will power plays an important role in getting a person rid of addictions, but in reality it is not an easy task for an addict to leave its habit. Drug addiction is a complex disease and quitting takes more than the great intentions. Getting addicts admitted to the best rehabilitation centres in India is the wisest decision to shun the wrong habits completely.
Drug and alcohol addictions change the entire working of brain and make one slave of intoxication. Stress, emotional hollowness or bad company are the major reasons behind developing drug and alcohol addictions. Genes is also one of the major factors behind drug addiction. Children belonging to the families whose history is related to drug addictions generally get trapped in the web of intoxication during their teenage as this is the most confusing age in a person’s life. A teenage develops shyness and face decision making problems. That’s when drugs become their sweet escape. By getting enrolled at Anatta Recovery, best rehab centre in India, you can start your new journey on the path of de-addict life.
As a person continuously uses drugs, his/her brain gets adapted to it. Addicts start liking the feeling of high and they want to experience it again and again. Even they won’t mind taking more drugs to achieve more high. This continuous indulgence makes them drive pleasure more than the things they once enjoyed, like - food, social activities or sex. Best rehabilitation centres in India like Anatta Recovery make the person realise the importance of living drug-free life.
A long term indulgence into drugs and alcohol leads to serious illnesses like stroke, cancer, lung or heart diseases. Major dental problems also get increased due to regular intake of intoxicated substances. The nerve cells also get majorly damaged and an addict starts suffering from neurological disorders because drug usage and mental illnesses co-exist. Mental disorders like anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, mood swings are mainly noticed among drug addicts. Anatta Recovery, best rehab in India treat such emotional problems of the drug addicts.
Drug exposed young children develop developmental problems related to thinking, attention and behaviour. A lot of accident cases have been registered against the people who drove after alcohol or drug consumption. Research studies have proved negative effects of marijuana, CBD oil or Hash on driving skills like - distracted attention, poor reaction time and lane weaving. The rehabs in India analyse the signs and symptoms of drug addicts and accordingly design their recovery plan.

Essence of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation centres like Anatta Recovery which is one of the premium rehab centres in India help you get back to your previous normal life and pursue your hobbies or job. Rehab centres provide you the drug free environment followed by detoxification process. Our empathetic staff also explains about the negative effects of the addiction and why one should leave it. They also help you explore the triggers, so that your efforts can be channelized on the right direction which transits you back into the previous peaceful life. The counselors at Anatta Recovery, the best rehabilitation centre in India trains you to dig into the underlying issues, sense then and help build coping skills. Drug rehabilitation centres in India like Anatta Recovery also help you set short or long term goals for the physical and emotional health and spiritual aspirations. So, get in touch with Anatta Recovery today - one of the best deaddiction centres in India and win the battle against drug and alcohol addiction.


a. How long are your Rehab programs??
Ans. They are generally three months longs.
b. How to choose best rehab for drug and alcohol addiction in India?
Ans. One must visit the rehabilitation centres, meet the staff members, takes a glance at facilities and attend trial sessions. After analysing the rehabilitation centres on these grounds, the rehab for drug and alcohol addiction in India must be decided.
Ans. Anatta Recoevry offers aftercare programs and organize alumni meets. That’s how we keep an eye on the life of attendees even after their course completion.

Find the Best Rehab Centre in India

Anatta Humanversity provides drug and alcohol addiction treatment across nationwide so that you or your loved one receives optimal treatment. Visit any of our treatment centers below for more information.

If you want to know more details regarding our treatment programs then you can directly contact Anatta at +91 9967334000 / +91 9867007766 or mail us at


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