Located in Maryland close to the Atlantic Ocean is our sprawling facility nestled in the lap of nature. Located in a wooded property with meandering pathways where you can indulge in the Japanese therapy of “forest bathing”. Just being in nature balances our interiority. A swimming pool and other indoor games to enhance and improve your health. You are the centre of attention and care , a team of life coaches with you to enable you to look within honestly and provide you the tools to deal with your inability to manage your emotions . This is done in a loving compassionate accepting environment by people who have been through what you have and have gone beyond it to love a fulfilling joyous life.Confidentiality being a core component in our therapeutic approach, a 8 week program. a SINGLE client base program, or a 3 client base facility, Let us embark on the greatest journey of a lifetime – towards ourselves .. beyond the self – Anatta..
In addition to our client specific residential program, we are proud to announce our new "Destination Treatment", offering every ounce of our customized programs in international locations like the USA, Dubai, Spain and Mauritius.

Anatta Speaks

Independence from Addiction

Meet Anatta

Anatta Humanversity Alternate Life Therapy Rehabilitation center is a luxurious facility nestled in the lap of nature. Here we caters and facilitate the transformation of lives and dignity lost in years of using and abuse with addiction to alcohol/drugs by providing them with a safe haven that instils dignity and compassion. This in a voluntary, Non-medical, Confidential.

The foundations of Anatta was laid in 2004, with Mr. Mahesh Hiranandani, a person in recovery, and a psychiatrist who has been over 30 years in the field of being instrumental in changing the lives of individuals affected by using.

They came together to be major influencers in showing a life of freedom and going beyond the need to live a self-destructive life to people suffering.

Others joined them on this journey, Vandana and Dr. Sujatha. Vandana being witness to close loved ones affected by years of abuse and emotional unmanageability, enables the family to take care of themselves. Dr. Sujatha is instrumental in the initial days of a guest’s stay and maintains their health through their stay with techniques that balance the interiority of the guest.

All 5, forming a core team, have taken Anatta to a global platform.

Our residential facilities comprise of a villa. The treatment of the clientele comprises of the elite class, actors, politicians, businessmen, high end corporate etc as, we provide an uber ambience, Confidentiality and Anonymity they have yet to find in any other facility. We have residential counsellors and visiting therapists.

Alternate Life Therapy

“Alternate life therapy “at Anatta is a blend between counseling and meditations, a solution for a life being wasted. Where families are distressed because of one person’s life style of late nights, unaccountable hours spent in isolation or non- communication, living in constant fear of the sanity or life of a loved one.

We focus on Addiction Recovery, Alcohol Rehab, Drug Rehab and Co-dependency.

The Alchemy of CHANGE – Alternate Life Therapy

  • Single guest
  • Voluntary
  • Experiential Counseling
  • Professional Counseling
  • 24/7 Counselors in house
  • Luxurious ambience that is accepting, loving , non -judgmental and compassionate.
  • Coaching for life
  • Relevant Video watching
  • Hypnotic Regression
  • Yoga asanas / pranayama [ corrective breathing techniques]
  • Fun activities- movies, meals out, hiking, gym, pool , snooker , swimming etc.
  • Tools for emotional stability -introspective writing
  • Meditation

Our Team

Mr. Albert Ferre

Life Coach, Meditator & Management Expert

Mr. Suresh Nair

Peer Counselor

Dr. M. Shashidhara Menon

MBBS, MD. Major, Army Medical Corps (Retired)

Ms. Vandana Hiranandani

Administrative Director & Family Therapist

Codependent Counselor & Facilitator

Dr. Sujatha Nair

Director and Counsellor

B.H.M.S., PG Hom. (Lon.)

Dr. Rajiv N Jerajani

Psychiatrist and Consultant

M.D. (Psych) PhD. D.F.M

Mr. Mahesh Hiranandani

Managing Director and Counsellor

Primary Counselor & Facilitator