Meditation Event in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Game of emotions at Kolkata
December 29, 2017
Event at Whistling Woods
December 29, 2017

Meditaion: Body Mind Balancing with Vandana HiranandaniA Friday of 9th June 2017, was well spent amongst meditators in Satori Meditation Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh where in Ms. Vandana from the Anatta team shared her significant experiences with meditation. She also spoke about her tryst with codependency on emotions and substance abuse. A brief introduction of the system of Anatta Humanversity, Pune, was also given by her so that societies outside India should get a glimpse of the works that the Anatta team is conducting beautifully for individuals affected by substance abuse. The benefits of voluntary, non medical system that is conducive to human nature was emphasized upon.

Event Pictures