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May 21, 2018
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May 21, 2018


Drug & Alcohol Relapse Prevention Strategies

Drug & Alcohol Relapse Prevention Strategies

Those afflicted by an alcohol or drug problem have themselves tried ways and means to stop consuming the substance

In Addiction, relapse means going back to drinking alcohol and using drugs the way one used to after a period of abstinence. Relapse is considered to be part of the disease. Even after several years of not using the substance if one begins then, the same old neurochemical pathway of consumption is triggered and the person goes back to using from where he had left off and soon reaches the stage where he would have been if he had consumed during the years of not using.

An untreated person suffering from addiction to substances keeps relapsing because – he does not want to drink the way he drinks or uses, he tries to use a socially acceptable quantity but is unable to do so; sooner or later the craving is succumbed to.

With  every relapse the damage to the body only progresses.

Relapse is always because of an emotional unmanageability.

Causes of Relapse-

-mood swings

-Lack of stability in the family

  • conflicts in relationships
  • lack of productive work
  • major changes in life
  • social pressures to use
  • A.L.T. ie being hungry, angry, lonely or tired.
  • underlying psychiatric ailments
  • spiritual causes like feeling an emptiness, no meaning to life

In residential care treatment all of the above issues need to be  addressed. Tools to prevent a relapse and if it happens to not prolong it and get help are shared.

To Prevent A Relapse-

-it is very essential to identify and deal with any underlying un resolved emotional issue as they are windows to future lapses or relapses.

– learning from ones own past experiences of relapse – to recognize the pattern of thoughts , emotions and behaviors  that lead up to a relapse.

  • learning to detach emotions from experiences are gained which enables the person to handle oneself in high risk situations too.
  • the spiritual journey is to be centered on self, learn to accept and love oneself and be independent.

All of the above is an intense process which takes time, effort and commitment to self. We at Anatta Humanversity have seen wonderful results wherein the person does not find the need to drink and use... Before treatment, everything was a reason to drink and use, after this in-depth process a transformation comes about and hence nothing can take the person to use.

Change is possible, just the steps in the right direction need to be taken.


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