Life Beyond Substance Abuse: Anatta Humanversity and GFX

May 21, 2018
May 21, 2018

GFX proudly announces its association with Anatta Humanversity Pvt. Ltd. A partnership towards building awareness amongst society towards substance abuse and emotional dependency.

Alcoholism, Prescribed Drugs and Drug addiction does exist in the beautiful social life that we live in. We have heard and seen people drinking to a level where we find it difficult to even communicate with them.  Just imagine living with them and think about their significant others who do live with them.


AnattaHumanversity Pvt. Ltd.(AHPL), a rehab & meditation centre in Pune, India, has been working towards this cause for more than 9 years with an in house treatment facility; counseling and meditation being the core treatment modes, along with various alternate therapies. Their program is customized, tailor made to the client’s requirements wherein client confidentiality and anonymity is of primary importance. Therefore GFX Dubai choses one of the best Indian rehab & meditation centers for a CSR alliance.


AHPL conducts seminars and workshops on Substance Abuse & Emotional Dependency. One such workshop was successfully conducted in India Club, Dubai, in August 2013. A radio interview of Mr. Mahesh Hiranandani, primary counselor of AHPL, was aired live on 102.4 FM in February 2013.

Mahesh Hiranandani, whom we have known for the past decade, owns this treatment facility for Alcoholism & Drug Addiction. He himself has gone through the experience of suffering with alcohol and drugs for around 18 years, and has been living a life beyond the substance, sober since the past 12 years. He is now treating those afflicted and affected with the same problem.




He mentioned to us if we would like to share the awareness of life beyond addiction in a social circle where there could be someone somewhere suffering the same and not having a clue of how to come out of vain attempts of quitting his/her addiction to substance. Therefore we are here to help and want to spread the awareness and option of sobriety to the people of Dubai. You can reach out to us if you know someone who is suffering and become instrumental in someone’s experience in living a life away from drugs & alcohol.


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