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Addiction and nutrition

Alcohol and drug abuse /addiction can result in numerous and gross nutritional deficiencies that hamper the physical and mental health of the individual. A healthy diet plays a major role in sustaining and improving the quality of life in recovery. Alcohol and drug use can affect nutrition in the following ways (i)  Not eating- drinking and using drugs causes a drop in appetite and at times they forget to eat. (ii)  Eating insufficient– Drinking /using drugs is given a priority over eating . (iii)  Overeating-

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Youth And Addiction

The youth of any generation are the clay of which future adults emerge. The youth today are the special ones who have the world literally in the palm of their hands. There is so much information bombardment. The minds that are already highly impressionable are spoilt for choice . There is also an excessive experimentation , use ,abuse and addiction to drugs and alcohol seen amongst them. The incidences of dependency and addiction to substance amongst them is increasing by leaps and bounds. In India

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MDMA [3,4,methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine]

The rave and party drug that has taken the party scene by a storm for several decades . it is available in Pill form – Ecstasy – which can however be adulterated by bath salts[cathionines]  or any other chemicals. It is called Molly for “molecular” available in capsule form but which can be mixed with bath salts again. It is also available in crystal form which is swallowed or dissolved in water and drunk . Powdered versions are also available  which are snorted. it is

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N Benzyl Methoxy – This is of the class of phenyethyamine derivatives that have been used as research chemicals. It was discovered in 2003 by a chemist Ralph Haim in the Free University of Berlin. It entered the market following research experiments done at Purdue University in 2010. It is a powerful synthetic hallucinogen , psychedelic and stimulant sold as other hallucinogens  LSD or mescaline in the market. It is much cheaper than LSD. It is a designer drug as it is made in the

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“It is only a herb” “It is all natural”” It is not addictive” “ It is being legalized across the world now” “Even Lord Shiva is said to have used it always” These are some of the justifications I hear from people who use or are addicted to using the products of the innocuous plant Cannabis also called, pot ,hash weed, marijuana etc. “I have an emotional connect with pot , Charlie(cocaine) I can do without, but not pot“ said one of our clients .

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August- the month from whence a slew of festivals begin in India from Raksha Bandhan, Onam, Ganesh festival , Dussehra, Diwali, Eid,  Christmas etc. India is a melting pot of cultures- however, one culture that seems to be alarmingly on the rise is that of popping the cork for every celebration pan socio- economic groups and cultures. Where there is alcohol there is alcoholism, where there are drugs there is drug addiction. It is the addictive personality of the individual that leads to  indulgence  in

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