Client Specific / Single Client, Voluntary, Non-medical


Our treatment process involves a team that travels across the globe treating our clients, we use private islands or properties of our client’s choice, details of venues are discussed and finalized with clients directly. Tie-ups with companies owning these properties is kept confidential.


All our clients are welcomed voluntarily, keeping in mind that they are not using or drinking the way they would like to. We also guide and aid the families to convince their loved ones to get admitted into a treatment facility. We enable our clients through their own sense of realization from their own experiences to live an alternate life beyond drugs and alcohol, without the use of any medication, after the phase of detoxification.


Addiction is an ailment that affects the psychological, somatic, social and spiritual fabric of an individual. A person afflicted by addiction is suffering as much as an individual struck by a chronic disease like hypertension or diabetes. He/she is not insane and needs to be treated with as much love, compassion and dignity as any other individual.


Our therapy involves our primary counselor Mahesh Hiranandani who is sober for the last 15 yrs, a doctor and a psychologist, each one has undergone the alternate life therapy program themselves, one on one time is given by each therapist, enabling a life beyond addiction.


Our recommended minimum duration of the treatment program is 8 wks. However, our clients for different reasons, mostly related to their professions, have different time commitments. Hence, we also design the treatment as per the requirement of the client around the time constraints so that he/she can benefit optimally from the treatment process.


For those clients who would like to meet us for the first time, we visit their residence or a chosen venue. They are most welcome to meet at our confidential meeting venue.



The treatment starts with Detoxification, under the medical supervision of Dr.Sujatha Nair and Dr. Jerajani, which is separate from the residential treatment program. During detoxification, the substance is stopped and medication is given for withdrawals. The homoeopathic case history is taken of the Client by Dr. Nair. Blood investigations are done to evaluate the physical status of the client. Dr. Jerajani does the psychiatric evaluation.


Counseling is exclusive one on one done by Mahesh, Vandana and Dr. Sujatha. The trio are qualified and trained counselors with over 10 years of experience in the field of treatment of those affected and afflicted by Addiction. A process of counseling and meditation enables a client to evolve into a conducive within that would enable him to not find the need to use alcohol/drugs. We guide a client through his Fears, Resentments and Sexuality issues, beyond addictive logics that have governed his life.


Many techniques have been incorporated into the treatment program. These have been essentially designed to be psychotherapeutic. These techniques aid in bringing to the fore all suppressed and repressed emotions and experiences, which are then dealt with through the counseling process. The techniques incorporated are very psychotherapeutic. They aid in bringing to the fore all suppressed and repressed emotions and experiences, which are then dealt with through the counseling process. This coupled with effective counseling which is the bed rock of addiction treatment centers enables the client to deal with and go beyond his past life with Substance usage and re learn to live without finding the need to go back to usage of the Substances. As required Homoeopathic medicines are administered by Dr. Sujatha Nair to enable faster recovery. Yoga techniques are facilitated by her, which enables better brain body coordination. Breathing techniques called Pranayamas which increase internal balance are taught. We incorporate other alternative healing therapies too.


This is a unique facility offered. The experiential counselor meets the dependent when he is sober and motivates him/her to come into treatment voluntarily. The requirement of an experiential counselor is that having been there and done that they become an inspiration and hope that they can also get better. In case the client is living away from their families, in a foreign land or out of their native town, the therapeutic team can go where the afflicted person is and living near the person, continue to meet him/her whenever the person is sober, sharing and motivating the person. This does require client-specificity and planning on an individual basis. At times counseling everyone around the person including the house help and friends as co-dependents. We have travelled to as near as Nagpur, Delhi, Karnataka to as far as Malaysia, Dubai and the USA, facilitating the pre rehab stage, being a support to the families and a catalyst in getting the person addicted to alcohol and drugs into residential care.Our Vision is paving the Path towards life beyond Substance Abuse.