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Experience Life Beyond Addiction to Drugs & Alcohol

Frequently Asked Questions About Rehab

1Who needs a Rehab ?
Rehab-an often maligned word is in reality a place where problem drinking or drug addiction is treated. All those who find unmanageability in their lives with or without drinking need to experience getting treated at a rehab.

Mood swings, getting used to hangovers, tremors, and feeling an imbalanced body are signs and symptoms that result in living in a dysfunctional family environment. Emotional unmanageability is the result.
2How do I get my loved one to a treatment facility for his/her addictions? He/she has expressed the desire to give up drink/drugs but when intoxicated.

The right time to speak to the person addicted to alcohol/drugs is not when the person is intoxicated as he/she is not receptive to anything. The right time is the next day morning when the person is awake and before he/she intoxicates himself/herself. Then it can be suggested that there is help available to enable him/her to go beyond his/her addictions. It is first advisable for the family to consult a counsellor, expert in the field who will guide how and what needs to be spoken to the afflicted person.

3I love my drink, can’t I cut it down ?
If a person looks into his/her failed attempts to reduce drinking or using drugs, they will realise that they are addicted to it. Love cannot exist where there is any dependency, hence drinking or using drugs appeared as a loving way of life, or a solution to many, but the dependency has created living in fear and hatred.
4I have already been to other rehabs and relapsed, how will it help ?
There could be many reasons for a relapse- maybe the person was treated against their wishes, or did not follow up. Some find a life away from addiction in a flow, and some take time. It is very relative.

If a rock cracks on the 14th stroke, it does not mean that the first 13 strokes were wasted.
5How does Alternate Life Therapy help ?
The Alternate Life Therapy ( ALT) we facilitate, is based on a very Client specific, Voluntary and Non medical treatment. Maintaining confidentiality is our prime focus. Being a residential treatment, the time, space and ambience available to the individual simply enables a person to dig deep within and find himself/herself to a point where the need to use substances dissolves. The processes being tailor made for each individual, involves sharing thoughts and emotions in Counselling sessions, various Meditation techniques that are psychotherapeutic, along with other alternate life therapies.

These are the key activities of our ALT that are catalytic in enabling a person to look at, experience and live a fulfilling life without finding the need to use a substance.
6Isn’t Addiction a bad habit the result of moral weakness and over-indulgences?
Addiction is a chronic, life-threatening condition, like hypertension, atherosclerosis, and adult diabetes. Addiction has roots in genetic susceptibility, social circumstance, and personal behavior. Certain drugs are highly addictive, rapidly causing biochemical and structural changes in the brain. Others can be used for longer periods of time before they begin to cause inescapable cravings and compulsive use.

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      What is a Rehab?


      What is the Single client Destination treatment program at Anatta?


      What are the different stages of addiction?


      What are the denials in Substance use and how can one address them?


      Mr Mahesh Hiranandani

      Managing Director and Counsellor
      Primary Counsellor and Facilitator

      Since 2003, he has been actively treating those afflicted and affected by chemical dependency using Meditation and Counseling as cornerstones of therapy.


      Dr Rajiv N Jerajani

      Psychiatrist and Consultant
      M.D(Psych) PhD.D.F.M

      Dr. Jerajani is a consultant psychiatrist with a niche practice in Mumbai for the last three decades. He has worked in the field of Chemical Dependency ever since.


      Ms Vandana Hiranandani

      Administrative Director & Family Therapist
      Management expert & counsellor

      Vandana Hiranandani is an important part of the team of Anatta that helps organise Seminars, Workshops and Awareness Programs facilitated by Anatta Humanversity.


      Dr Sujatha Nair

      Director and Counsellor
      B.H.M.S.,PG Hom.(Lon.)

      A Bachelor in Homoeopathic Medical Science from Mumbai with a Post Graduation from The Hahnemann College of Homoeopathy – London.


      Dr. M. Shashidhara Menon

      Consultant Cardiologist, expert in Addiction management & HIV-AIDS care

      Dr. M. Shashidhara Menon trained at the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune (1974) and Institute of Naval Medicine (Mumbai University), India, has done post doctoral Fellowship training in HIV Medicine and Biostatistics from the University of South Florida, USA