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Destination Treatment

What Is Destination Treatment

Destination Treatment is a process where the addict is treated for the addiction in a place that is outside his current home or city environment. The Destination could be another city or even another country.

Why Destination Treatment

Normally, the problem of addiction arises from making bad lifestyle choices. Relationship issues, social or personal issues, or any kind of duress may lead a person to fall into the trap of addiction. In various instances, people who indulge in addiction have a disruptive past or present. So, in order to get your loved one onto the path of complete recovery, it becomes important to isolate them from any negative environments that could impair the quick recovery of the patient.

Opting for a destination treatment away from your home city or even your country serves the goal of giving your loved one the healthy isolation from the environment that caused the loved one to take recourse to addiction. This supports them to begin a new life.

With a sufficient amount of time and space being given to both the addict and his/her spouse, family, and friends to recover, the ease of recovery also increases. It becomes easier coming back and living a healthy life normally. With time and the right treatment, a person rises above guilt, frustration, anger, grudge and regains his lost self-confidence. This ensures that the person stays healthy and does not lead to complications or relapse after coming back home from recovery.

The recovery rate of your loved one also increases when it combined with alternate life therapies that are focused on single client-specific addiction treatments. Taking your loved ones to a completely new separate place detached from the earlier life of addiction can help in recovery from various addiction types.

How Destination Treatment Helps

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    When combined with alternate life therapies that are focused on single client-specific addiction treatments, the recovery rate of your loved one increases significantly. At Anatta we believe and have been practicing alternative life therapies as a process to help draw a person away from addiction with complete success.

    By re-locating the person to a new environment, the person automatically and psychologically perceives it as a new beginning. A fresh new feel of the new location, non-interference of previous environmental issues all contributes to beginning the healing process.

    • Single Client Specific Treatment

      Addiction treatment is a consistent process and it takes time and support from the treatment center and the loved ones for ensuring success. But, the most important part is the attention that the addict receives during the recovery phase. This is the reason, choosing a treatment center that offers single client specific addiction treatment. It is only through personal one on one treatment and counselling that one can be fully treated from any form of addiction.

    • Privacy and Confidentiality

      Considering the social stigma regarding addiction treatment that prevails in the present scenario, privacy is critical for a comfortable and safe rehabilitation. Destination treatment offers utmost confidentiality through healthy solace but make sure that the treatment center ensures confidentiality on their behalf too.

    • Unique Approach

      Addiction treatment is unique and it varies from person to person. Hence, the right addiction treatment is always bespoke to every individual client. There is a mix of therapies, exercises and other lifestyle sessions that make addiction treatment better. This is the reason, it is important to look for a treatment center that provides customized treatment options for addiction treatment.

    Where to Look for Destination Treatment in India

    Anatta Humanversity is one of the leading drug addiction treatment centers in India. We cater to highly confidential clients across our centers both in India and abroad, depending on the client requirements.

    Our team of of dynamic experts consisting of Mr. Mahesh Hiranandani (Managing Director), Dr. Sujatha Nair (Director), Dr. Rajiv N. Jerajani (Psychiatrist) and Ms. Vandana Hiranandani (Administrative Director & Family Therapist) and others help our clients on the path to an addiction free life faster.

    Destination Treatment

    Our treatment process involves a team that travels across the globe in treating our clients, we use private islands, or properties of our client’s choice, details of venues are discussed and finalized with clients directly. Tie-ups with companies owning these properties are kept totally confidential.

    Voluntary and Non Medical

    All our clients are welcomed voluntarily i.e. by their choice, keeping in mind that they are not using or drinking the way they would like to. We also guide and aid the families to convince their loved ones to get admitted into a treatment facility. We enable our clients through their own sense of realization from their own experiences to live an alternate life beyond drugs and alcohol, without the use of any medication, after the phase of detoxification.

    Treatment with Dignity

    Addiction is an ailment that affects the psychological, somatic, social, and spiritual fabric of an individual. A person afflicted by addiction is suffering as much as an individual struck by chronic diseases like hypertension or diabetes. He/she is not insane and needs to be treated with as much love, compassion, and dignity as any other individual.

    One on One Treatment

    Our therapy involves our primary counselor Mahesh Hiranandani who is sober for the last 15 years, a doctor, and a psychologist, each one has undergone the alternate life therapy program themselves, one on one time is given by each therapist, enabling a life beyond addiction.

    Client Specific Treatment

    Our recommended minimum duration of the treatment program is 8 weeks. However, our clients for different reasons, mostly related to their professions, have different time commitments. Hence, we also design the treatment as per the requirement of the client around the time constraints so that he/she can benefit optimally from the treatment process.

    First Meeting

    For those clients who would like to meet us for the first time, we visit their residence or a chosen venue. They are most welcome to meet at our confidential meeting venue.


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