Rehab Facilities


In Pune we have two exclusive facilities , in which your choice would vary only as per your comfort.

Our residential facilities comprise of a villa and apartments.The entire stay is voluntary , confidential and non medical. All have residential counselors and visiting therapists . The facilities provide an infrastructure that is conducive to growth created for an alternate life therapy having an ambience that caters to those who live a luxurious life. The treatment facilities simply complement the treatment process.

An exclusive , quaint four bedroom Villa with an environment where work and play intermingle and sharing and counseling sessions happen over a game of pool or a cup of tea … We have an in -house cook to cater to your palate which is nutritious and healthy for sober living.

A beautiful four bedroom apartment in a plush complex with all amenities and facilities like a gym, swimming pool, great food.
Other facilities
Living with Counselors 24/7 ✻ Professional Counseling ✻ Coaching for life ✻ Yoga & Meditation ✻ Tools for emotional stability -introspective writing
Any further queries can be clarified on the phone and in person.


We have three categories with similar modules of treatment, depending on the exclusivity required, as we assign a different team for each client facility.

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    1 to 3 clients in a plush Villa
    Our charges for treatment here, vary anything from 500,000 INR to 700,000 INR for a 4 week residential program; the detoxification from the substance being an additional expense to the former. (Recommended duration of stay being 8 weeks, for best results) The cost of detoxification is variable, since every client comes to us with different physical and psychological states in withdrawal from the substance. The treatment is a minimum of 8 weeks, in a 3 client base setup. The entire treatment is done in our facility.

    Single client space
    The charge for a single client based residential treatment process is 2,000,000 INR for 4 weeks. The duration of this treatment module is 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the client’s response to the treatment. Here, the therapy duration per day is longer and more intensified. The costing here includes detoxification.

    Destination treatment
    We are attached to private islands and exclusive properties at various verdant destinations across the world. The charges begin from a 100,000 - 300,000 USD, plus detoxification. The charges for detoxification here would be anything from 20,000 - 40,000 USD. The detoxification here is done abroad or in India.

    Please note: Any hospitalization required for the client during their residential stay with us at any of the above options would be charged at actuals. Details of any of our facilities is imparted only to clients, in order to maintain confidentiality. In all categories, a client specific, voluntary, and non medical treatment management is handled by experiential Counselors. Counseling and meditations are the key factors that blends into creating a unique and approachable treatment therapy.

    Rehab Treatment, India

    Pune Facilities

    Treatment in Mauritius With Us

    Nestled amongst the hills of the enchanting isle of Mauritius is a sanctuary where we will be facilitating the treatment of those suffering from addiction to Alcohol/ illicit& prescription Drugs. The charges for the same would be ranging from 11,000 USD to 14,000 USD as per the individual client.

    Mauritius Facilities


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