Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India

Are you looking for a reliable and the most reputable drug rehabilitation centre in India that provides a holistic treatment for addictions to drugs and alcohol? Then you have without any doubt reached the right place at Anatta Humanversity. We are one of the pioneer names amongst the fraternity of alcohol rehabilitation centres in India that comes with an excellent infrastructure in terms of medical and care facilities that we provide to all our clients.

From the time of our inception in the year 2004 Anatta is fully committed in providing the best rehab facilities to clients suffering from drug addictions and has helped many to get back to their normal life. Since, in India there is an increasing number of cases of drug abuse in many states of the country, there is a high demand for a reliable alcohol rehabilitation centre in India. And in this regard Anatta is the best choice for you all who are looking forward to find such world-class health care units.

Why Choose Anatta Humanversity Pvt Ltd?

  • We are one of the premier alcohol addiction treatment in India that provides all international standard drug addiction treatment through various processes of counseling, meditation and other facilities.
  • Apart from that we have a well-maintained and experienced team of doctors, peer counselors, psychiatrists, who work whole heartedly to deliver the best treatment for drug abuse.
  • As one of the premier rehab Centers in India we provide complete rehabilitation support to patients and help them get back to their normal life through our series of healing and treatment processes.
  • As a reputable drug addiction treatment centers in India we follow a very holistic approach in all our treatment processes that includes meditation , Counseling , various healing process and techniques to treat drug addictions .
  • We have a best customer support team who always remains ready to solve all kinds of queries to client’s families who approach us for admitting their loved ones who are suffering.
  • All these services provided by us have helped us emerge as one of the leading rehab in India.
For more details regarding our treatment programs you can directly contact Anatta’s customer support team at +91 9967334000 / +91 9867007766 or mail us all your queries at vandana@anatta.in