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Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in India

What is Addiction?

India is a diverse and vast country. It is colorful and playful and is the epitome of cultural integration. However, its beauty is being overshadowed by the looming issue of drug and alcohol abuse. With rampant and high rates of substance abuse, India is being faced with a difficult condition.

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    Addiction, though not high across all parts of the country, the regional disparity between states, does bring up certain issues that lead to higher rates of abuse in some areas and extremely low rates in others.

    It is however first imperative to understand what does addiction means? Addiction can be defined as the uncontrollable want to use a substance irrespective of the injurious effects it has on the human mind and body. This happens because the body gets used to the external and heightened stimuli it receives from the substance. Once a person falls into a spiral of an addictive disorder, the way he/she exploits the substance is not in their control. This boosted stimulus becomes the “new normal” for the body, thereby making it tough to quit. Therefore, addiction is a multi-level disease that has long-lasting effects and obstructs an individual’s everyday life. Sudden opposition to the substance can lead to distress and withdrawal symptoms that can end up doing more harm.

    Current Situation in India:

    The rampant use of substances and the menace created by addiction has become a big threat to the country of India. The number of rackets has gone up substantially, showing the high use and presence of drugs and narcotics in the country. With a primarily young population, this issue is directly affecting the youth, and if not controlled in time can have devastating effects on the larger economy.

    India is already facing a drug crisis in its agricultural king state of Punjab. Other than that, data shows that at the national level, nearly 20 crore people use alcohol, and out of which, 8 crores of those are dependent on it.

    India is also a huge hub for weed and its byproducts. Apart from that Opioids and sedatives are also widely abused. However, alcohol is more misused than drugs on a larger scale.

    In general, access to treatment services for people affected by substance use disorders is grossly inadequate. But, with increased awareness, in order to fight the growing issue of drug and alcohol abuse disorder, a large number of rehab centers are working together to aid the addicts and help them return to an addiction-free life. The country has a number of licensed rehabilitation centers, apart from various independent ones that are run privately.

    Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in India- Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Abuse:

    The high use of drugs and alcohol can seem to doom, and as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel; especially when there are multiple reports of the youth- the future of a city; being involved in substance abuse.

    However, it is imperative to understand that addictions are not the end of one’s life; with appropriate care and rehabilitation normality can be brought back into the users’ life, and India boasts a wide range of drug and alcohol rehab facilities, throughout the Country.

    Lastly, every Individual’s recovery journey is unique, marked with their own triumphs and failures; the duration of every individual’s journey too may vary and that’s okay! But the most important thing to realize is that the beginning of all journeys begins with acceptance. Self-acceptance is the most important element in order to fully rebuild one’s life. Once that is recognized, one can seek help through alternative life therapy options, which focus on healing from within, thus bringing a sense of peace to the mind, body, and soul. The main aim of recovery is to help the user believe that there is life beyond using.

    To fight the growing issue of drug and alcohol abuse disorder, a large number of rehab centers are working together to aid the addicts and help them return to an addiction-free life. Additionally, there are several online campaigns and offline events being held to break free from the stigma of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers, which work closely to break down the stigma and taboo of Rehabilitation Centers.

    The Ultimate Rehabilitation Center in India

    Do you have any friends or family who has become victims of drug and alcohol addiction? Are they not able to cope with regular life due to their drug and alcohol addiction? Everyone deserves a second chance at life, and if this is the case trust Anatta.

    Anatta Humanversity is a luxurious facility nestled in the lap of nature. Here we facilitate the transformation of lives and dignity lost in years of using and abuse that has devastated body, mind, soul, and families. The individuality that has been lost is recovered and enhanced.

    It provides recovery options through residential, non-medical methods, specializing in Alternative Life Programs, for those who want to recover and live a life free of substance dependence, in a compassionate environment.

    Founded in 2004, by a person in recovery along with a psychiatrist, Anatta today has joined hands with renowned physicians, counselors, and healthcare professionals who aid the patient to recovery.

    Anatta is a luxury rehab center based on a voluntary, non-medical, client-specific, one on one program, where you gain the tools to deal with these unresolved issues through compassionate, individualized, holistic coaching in a lavish ambiance. It focuses on Single Client-Specific treatment, where it is understood that each individual is unique and so are the problems. Anatta believes in one-on-one interaction to help clients on the way to wellness. By giving the clients personalized therapies and counseling, Anatta aims to improve life and restore the lost inner strength.

    Moreover, Anatta promotes and supports a treatment program, where one learns how to deal with emotional unmanageability through:

    In addition, other healing routes also blend in, to facilitate the growth of an individual in order to encourage a transformation that leads to not finding the need to use /drink any substance whether drugs or alcohol.

    Anatta provides a compassionate, accepting, non-judgmental environment, wherein help is available 24/7. It encourages an individual to accept oneself and deal with one’s issues in a harmonious environment that facilitates the desire to not find the need to drink/use. Anatta specializes in destination treatment that allows the individual to recover and regrow away from the hustle and bustle, in peace and tranquility.

    Recovering in the lap of serene nature, in luxurious comfort, away from one’s day to day stress, enables faster results, and greater peace of mind.

    Start your recovery journey with Anatta Rehabilitation. Speak to one of our rehab counselors or mail us all your queries.


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