Sober Coach and Sober Companion at Anatta

Lies In Addiction
Lies In Addiction
October 3, 2019
Substance Use Disorder / Addiction in The Elderly
December 3, 2019

Sober Coach and Sober Companion At Anatta

Addiction/chemical dependency to alcohol and drugs is a disease that affects all sections of society and all genders and races and age groups.

There are different modes of treatment for the same . The most effective being residential stay in a treatment facility for a substantial period of time varying from 8 weeks to 12 weeks or as per the requirement of the client and living a program designed holistically for the client.

The program is voluntary, involving counseling, meditations, introspective writing, and other alternative therapies that enable the individual to deal with and get beyond emotional issues that are the core problems in an addictive personality.

There are certain individuals who, due to their position in society., the type of work they do like industrialists, celebrities, and known people who feel he/ she would not be able to commit more than 4-6 weeks to the residential process away from their work. For the benefit of such people there arose the concept of sober companions and sober coaches.

After an initial stay in the residential program at the treatment facility the same residential process can be shifted to the Client’s place of work. Care is taken to not stay at the Client’s home but to stay separately with a team of the treatment facility to continue to do the processes that would be done at the facility. Thus, this is rehab on the move. This team of experiential counselors and professionals is called sober coaches or sober companions. They travel with the client accompanying them to work meetings, family commitments, etc. at the same time the program is implemented wherever they reside.

To cater to Clients for whom anonymity matters, the concept of Destination therapy evolved wherein they are taken to countries away from their native one. The team travels with them. The destinations are beautiful locations close to nature enabling healing. Thus Anatta has a niche program catering to a niche Clientele in exclusive luxurious ambiances.


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