The Struggle Of The Co-dependent When The Dependent Is In Recovery
The Struggle Of The Co-Dependent When The Dependent Is In Recovery
April 1, 2019
The Fatal Lure of GHB Drug
The Fatal Lure of GHB Drug
May 29, 2019


The Alternate Life Therapy Program At Anatta

The Alternate Life Therapy Program At Anatta

Life does not follow a time-table and is not restricted by schedules and plans. The core basis of any treatment process for those suffering from addiction is to be able to face life and deal with its uncertainties with a balanced mind and body without being swung by it. The systems that we offer at Anatta Humanversity are keeping this as a foundation.


VOLUNTARY & NON MEDICAL – Only the individuals seeking help, who come of their own volition, will be admitted. Medicines are given only during the detoxification phrase, which is done through an integrated system. Medications would otherwise be given for any pre-existing ailments or for damage created by the substance of choice.

ONE ON ONE – The counselor and a physician live 24/7 with the client, being available to speak, share and interact any time.

INDIVIDUALISED – The program is tailor-made to suit each client. Though the common thread running through all is that of chemical dependency/addiction, each person is unique with unique problems and issues. One size does not fit all here.

NON-REGIMENTED – True recovery can happen only in freedom, freedom to be oneself, to sleep when you want, wake up when you do, freedom to express, to get to know oneself.

FUN – There is a strong association of fun with using; whether it is going for a simple picnic, watching movies in the theatre, playing a video game, shopping, trekking, eating out, etc. We indulge our clients with all these experiences which they enjoy in a safe environment. This breaks the very strong identification of “having fun” with using/drinking.

DIGNITY & COMPASSION – Those suffering from chemical dependency isolate themselves or are isolated and not even treated as human beings many times by their own family. Society at large treats them as pariahs. Understanding that it is not something that they asked for but are suffering from, they are treated with as much love, compassion, and dignity as any other individual.

CO-DEPENDENCY TREATMENT – Anatta is probably the only facility that offers simultaneous extensive co-dependency therapy to the entire family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, subordinates, house help to regain their individuality, dignity, and love for oneself that has been eroded by years of dysfunctionality and addiction. In the house, residential care is also offered and such care can be extended to their respective residences too.



Counseling is done by highly trained experiential counselors along with the core team of Mahesh, Vandana, and Dr. Sujatha. Self-disclosure is a huge component of the counseling process, enables the client who has forgotten what it means to be oneself, to share what one feels, to be accepted for what one is, and begins to be comfortable in one’s own skin. Clients have shared events of their lives that had been very painful for them and not been accepted and constantly judged. They had not been able to speak up about them in the past despite going to other treatment places. This care-fronting approach enables them to look at themselves fearlessly, with honesty.


The mind of a person suffering from chemical dependency is like a roller-coaster of emotions and in a frenzy and speed that seems unbearable. Meditations in this situation take one beyond the play of the mind and the disabilities of the body to a state of relaxation and awareness. The techniques involved facilitates one to be aware of some action in the body like dancing, humming, shaking, etc. to remain in the present moment, thus slipping out of the vortex of the mind’s rewind and fast forward mode. This slows down the thought processes and the gaps induce intense relaxation. The techniques practiced, shuts down the chatter of the conscious mind, allowing the subconscious to surface bringing and releasing suppressed and repressed emotions thus being cathartic and psychotherapeutic. Counseling following this facilitates the resolution of emotional issues.


The technique followed ensures that the identification with the personality formed after using is broken. A detachment develops from painful emotions and the incidents they are attached to. Thus, the past is dealt with and the tools for the future are imbibed.


Homoeopathic medication is given as an adjuvant to modern medicines during detoxification by Dr. Sujatha Nair. Following detox, constitutional homeopathic treatment is given to enable faster healing of the body-mind. Yoga asana and Pranayama techniques - to rebalance the disturbed hormonal and neurochemical equilibrium of the body are taught by Dr. Sujatha Nair Hypnotic regression therapy is facilitated to increase access to the memories that have been blocked by the conscious mind and also bring to the fore suppressed and repressed incidents that one did not want to deal with but have to during the regression. There has been an undoubted change in the internal milieu of every client who has undergone this therapy.

Tai chi, taught by Dr. Menon enables the individual to attain a balance in body and mind and develop core strength.

Thus, a client who is willing to go on this journey, gets to know oneself, which helps in living life in totality without finding the need to use.


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