Cocaine Addiction & Treatment

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March 6, 2021
Drug Addiction and Treatment
April 26, 2021

Cocaine Addiction & Treatment

As we live in a digital world today, we get all the information regarding growing drug consumption. We can easily Google the percentage population engrossed into drug abuse or people who die every year due to drugs. But did you know that the traces of drug addiction are being tracked from past many centuries? It’s not a new age ill-activity, but drug abuse had always been the part of society as an evil. However, it’s usage has highly increased in the recent past. The fast paced life has given us the comfortable life, but alongwith gift of stress. 

Stress is one of the major reasons behind growing drug addiction. Among different kinds of drugs – marijuana, hashish, weed, CBD oil, cocaine is one of the most popular illegal drugs among youngsters.

Let’s understand what is cocaine?

Made from coca plant, native to South America, cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant drug. It mostly comes in a fine white powder. Though, it can also be transformed into a solid rock crystal. Cocaine users snort the powder into their nose. While, some rub it on their gums or dissolve it in the water or inject it within the body with a help of needle. Most of the cocaine users also heat it up and breathe the smoke into their lungs. 

Factors affecting cocaine drug addiction:

It is difficult to find the exact cause of drug addiction.  However, there are various factors that may contribute to the cocaine drug addiction:

  1. Suppressed mental disorder like – depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and trauma.
  2. Genes of a person also makes him/her vulnerable towards cocaine drug addiction.
  3. Exposure to an environment where drug consumption is normal. 
  4. Emotional stress due to personal or financial difficulties.
  5. Friend circle who pushes individuals towards more and more drug consumption. 
  6. Low esteem or low self – worth.

Dangers of Cocaine abuse: 

By the time when people reach cocaine addiction stage, they start caring about its ill-effects on the body. As soon as they try to reduce the cocaine abuse, the damage has had already happened, creating most of the health issues.

Dangers to health:

  1. Irregular heart rate
  2. Impotency or infertility
  3. Lung damage
  4. Learning or memory problems
  5. Respiratory issues
  6. Kidney damage
  7. High blood pressure
  8. Dental issues

It has also seen that drug addiction causes risk of violence, foster motor vehicle accidents and makes it quite hard to make wise decisions. The cocaine drug addicts hardly care about their physical conditions. Infact, when someone tries to sympathies with their deteriorating health, they always try to convince themselves that they are perfectly well. 

Dangers to psyche:

Chronic drug abuse can alter a person’s brain structure and function, resulting into long term psychological effects like:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Panic disorder
  3. Increased aggression
  4. Hallucination
  5. Insomnia
  6. Sleep issues
  7. Memory issues
  8. Weak concentration

Dangers to relationships:

Cocaine drug addiction impacts the relationships badly. The user gets separated from the loved ones. The drug addicts become secretive, isolated and defensive. As the drug addiction progresses, they even try to abandon children, spouses or other close relationships, so that they can pursue drug abuse without any restraints. 

Dangers during Pregnancy:

Illegal drug use by the pregnant mothers may pose serious dangers to her unborn baby as given bellow:

  • Low birth weight
  • Miscarriage
  • Premature delivery
  • Brain damage to the infant
  • Still birth

Loss of self: 

Last but not the least, another most ill-effect of pregnancy is ‘loss of self’. It mainly happens when personal relationships are destroyed and people give up their dreams for the sake of drugs. There is a complete loss of identity. People are left with no more aspirations and aims of life. They become slave of drug addiction.

Symptoms of cocaine consumption:

Coacine users showcase strange signs and symptoms of cocaine consumption. Let’s look at it one by one:

  1. Consume it even after its adverse effects on body: Cocaine users can’t stop themselves from using the drug, even if they want to. They snort it even after witnessing bad results physically and suffering chaos among family, work or relatives.
  2. Strange signs when the drug wears off: A person undergoes a strange feeling when the effect of drugs starts reducing, they may feel shaky, depressed; suffer from a headache or constant sweating. They may feel tired. 
  3. Undergoes a lot of confusion: Cocaine addiction makes a person face a lot of confusion in his/her day – to – day life. His/her concentration power gets weakened. A cocaine addict starts forgetting things easily. 
  4. Uneven sleep patterns: A person either starts sleeping a lot or he/she doesn’t feel like sleeping a lot. This also leaves a strong impact on the appetite. A cocaine addict person either starts eating a lot and the appetite gets reduced. 
  5. Think about different ways to access cocaine: A cocaine addict gets obsessed with the cocaine. He/she continuously thinks about various means to arrange cocaine, even if one has to go out of way. The cocaine addicts also spend a lot of time thinking how they feel after drugs consumption or how is the feeling of high.
  6. Face trouble doing normal things: Cocaine drug addicts face a lot of trouble doing normal daily activities like cooking or driving. Their central nervous system is badly affected which doesn’t allow them to perform their normal tasks efficiently.
  7. Start enjoying a new set of friends: Drug addicts enjoy a lot of time spending with a new set of friends. They hang out with them to indulge into drug activities.

Withdrawal symptoms of cocaine addiction:

Sudden withdrawal from drugs often brings harsh effects on a person. The body attempts to reach a new state as it dispels the user’s drug of choice. This drug withdrawal brings massive fluctuations in brain chemicals and a patient suffers from significant mental & physical health repercussions. People who attempt to stop cocaine consumption majorly suffer from severe depression and mood swings. With regular cocaine consumption, the brain adapts to the consistently elevated dopamine activity. When a sudden break happens from cocaine intake, then they start feeling depressed and dissatisfied with life.

Though cocaine withdrawal symptoms are not as harsh as other drugs, however it has own set of symptoms like:

  1. Suicidal thoughts
  2. Restlessness
  3. Exhaustion
  4. Difficulty in concentrating
  5. Slow thinking
  6. Suicidal thoughts
  7. Chills and tremors
  8. Muscle aches
  9. Nerve pain
  10. Unpleasant dreams

Cocaine treatments available at rehabilitation centers:

Making your mind to undergo cocaine treatment for recovery is definitely the first step towards recovery. The treatment process increases a person’s chances to overcome psychological dependence upon cocaine.

Let’s look at the cocaine treatments available at rehabilitation centers:

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT is a popular method to teach patients recognize about the toxic thoughts they usually get triggered with. Patients develop coping strategies to stay away from cocaine addiction. This therapy develops a sense of accountability which is essential for staying motivated and banishes the psychological dependence on cocaine.
  2. Individual counseling: During individual counseling, a counselor interacts with the patient and tries to understand the pains and fears of an individual. He/she tries to get away all the insecurities and encourages self – exploration. The patient feels emotionally light after venting out his/her blocked emotions.
  3. Group Counseling: Group counseling is a kind of psychotherapy which involves meeting with a lot of individuals who also suffer from cocaine addiction. During Group sessions, people share their experiences and listen to the experiences of others. This gives them enough strength thinking the fact that they are not alone in the battle to fighting back cocaine addiction; there are a lot many other people who suffer from cocaine addiction
  4. Art therapy: Art therapy is the right combination of creative process and psychotherapy which facilitates self exploration. By using colors, imagery, the cocaine addicts get the chance to express their thoughts and feelings, which otherwise would have been difficult to articulate. 

Cocaine Treatment at Anatta Humanversity

Here at Anatta Humanversity, we offer focused treatment for cocaine addiction. Our empathetic therapists encourage cocaine addicts to identify drug dependency and help them cope up through building positive attitudes and self – esteem. Contact us today and start the new phase of life filled with optimism and peace.  


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