Our Vision Statement

Accepting Help in Addiction
May 21, 2018
May 21, 2018

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement - Anatta Humanversity

Our Vision Statement - Anatta Humanversity

Addiction to alcohol and drugs {Chemical Dependency} has always existed in society rending the fabric of society, turning intelligent and productive people into social discards.

Addiction does not discriminate against anyone. It is an all-pervasive, part of human nature afflicting all classes, irrespective of intellect, socioeconomic status, it affects the rich & famous as well as the poor alike.

Alcohol, naturally occurring drugs out of plants or synthetically manufactured and so-called prescribed substances with neurotropic properties can alter the mood and lead to use, misuse, and abuse.

The memory of euphoric experience creates the desire to consume again. The action becomes a habit. It becomes a chronic behavioral disorder clinically characterized by imbibing of substances with a tendency to increase the quantum of consumption & inability to reduce or refrain from the behavior. Attempting to do so results in physical and mental discomfort which gets relieved by re-administration. Then the behavior becomes sufficiently severe enough to cause impairment of physical, mental, social, and spiritual personal & interpersonal life.  `

There is only one reason to develop these hedonistic behavioral compulsions. Human nature of the desire for more pleasure or attempt to reduce the pain that is also equated with elation.

Consumption from experimental, social to habitual and then takes a compulsive pattern. It then reaches a state when consumption of abstinence becomes increasingly difficult.

The Solution becomes the problem. The ultimate outcome is suffering. When this suffering also becomes suffering for the significant others, family members, may it be parents and siblings, or spouse and children. Then there is a felt need to find a solution.

The average person suffering will go to a family physician and then to specialists. The elite who are conscious of their projected image afflicted [dependent] and/or affected [co-dependent-family members] will try to hide the facts. They are primarily concerned about matters of anonymity, confidentiality, ambiance, and expertise in treatment modalities. There is paucity in our country of the same. They, therefore, prefer to travel abroad and seek help, presuming that it is not been available in our country.

Varieties of treatment modalities have been available. Medical, Social, and religious, and or spiritual models are offered. Anyone in isolation has not been able to find an absolute answer. Hospitalizations, detoxification, rehabilitation centers, self-help program, religious ashrams, and gurus (Sultans of Sobriety) have claimed success.

Two parameters or attributes are of prime importance.

A)    There is no chemical solution to a chemical problem. Preferably absolutely Non-biochemical, nonmedical interventions

B)    This is such an interesting problem that one can only be responsible for self-finding ways of life beyond addiction. Therefore intervention has to be voluntary.

The need of the hour is not to define and redefine the problems of addictive behavior; it is rather to find an organization that can provide a client-centric, specific treatment method for the management of the suffering individual and the family.

A rehabilitation centre is a place where a person experiences the comfort of not being ridiculed and discriminated like in the family or in society. It is a safe space with a single desire and discipline not to use the substance. It is not an easy task, it requires help. Experienced staff like counselors, doctors, psychiatrists, and experts is needed for support. It a journey into a path paving beyond addiction. It is actually a shift of paradigm for a person willing to accept a sober life.

Anatta Humanversity Pvt. Ltd. has taken responsibility for Paracelsus-recovery of Switzerland to bring about this awareness in society.

This would create openness through awareness. It is to motivate society, for people to come forward and seek help for themselves or a loved one.

A helpline number is available, maintaining complete privacy and confidentiality.
Anatta Humanversity Pvt. Ltd. is a facility which offers the treatment opportunity specifically to upward moving stratum of society who need help but dont know where to go.

Our core team comprises of

Mr. Mahesh Hiranandani- Managing Director and Substance Abuse Counselor

Mrs. Vandana Hiranandani- Administrative Director and family therapist

Dr. Sujatha Nair- Medical Director, a Physician and Counselor

Dr. Rajiv Jerajani- Psychiatrist and a Counselor.



Anatta Humanversity Team


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