Addiction Rehab Process

Relationships in Early Sobriety
March 5, 2020
How To Recover From Drug Addiction
How to recover from drug addiction?
March 19, 2020

Addiction Rehab Process

Addiction in India

The threat of addiction remains a ‘grave concern’, according to Indian regulators. Although 75% of youth in Punjab find themselves in the trap of addiction it stretches its vicious roots in cities like Mumbai and Hyderabad too. The population in these cities is rapidly increasing and it has left plenty of space for this problem to escalate more.

Drug abuse vs drug addiction: one contributes to the other, but the user may be addicted in the case of drug abuse. Having stated that, somebody who is addicted to drugs will find new ways to exploit them. Nearly 74% of Indian homes have one resident, an adult family member, who's a drug addict, according to one survey. Where are the kids going then? Children as young as 13, and even 14, are said to turn to drugs. It begins as an interesting experiment but transforms into a lethal habit in most cases.

Myth About Rehab Process

Addiction begins as ‘occasional drug user’ and that is a willful choice. But, as time goes through, something triggers and a person goes from being a wilful drug user to being a habitual drug addict. Addictive drugs change the brain in sensational and lethal ways over a while. But, the addict or his/her loved ones do not opt for the rehab process conveniently as there are some myths and misconceptions hover around the rehab process. Nearly all that we contemplate about addiction isn't right. These fantasies hurt families and companions – and they make it harder for individuals to recover. Let’s discuss some myths about the rehab process.

Myth – 1 - Recovery – A break from addiction

Numerous addicts falsely perceive that a brisk detox in a treatment rehab is all that they need. While detoxing and experiencing withdrawals is an essential step in addiction recovery, it is only the start. To get over from addiction, one needs to presume recovery is a journey, not a ‘break’ in return to get back to normalcy.

Myth – 2 - Not a Traveler

One needs to understand he/she is the ‘captain of the ship’ in the addiction recovery. It depends on him/her to drive the recovery process. But, yes, he cannot do this alone. He requires a team and like-minded people to achieve his goal. An entire team to guard, protect, coach, and cheer him but this doesn’t mean that he becomes a passive passenger in his journey to overcome the addiction.

Four Phases of Drug Addiction Treatment

When one chooses to enter an expert alcohol and drug treatment program, he/she will start an excursion through four particular phases of rehab recovery as the individual figures out how to build up a perfect and sober lifestyle.

There are four stages of rehab described here—treatment initiation, early abstinence, maintaining abstinence, and advanced recovery.

Stage 1: Initiation

At the point when an individual or his/her loved one asks for help from an expert alcohol and drug recovery program, he starts the primary phase, treatment initiation. Regardless of whether he/she looks for help intentionally or the person is constrained by conditions to start recovery. His recovery process will start with an expert treatment program. Initially, in the early hours and days of recovery, one may believe that his/her substance addiction issue isn't as awful as others. Be careful. Inner conflict and refusal can be the most exceedingly awful foes in the main days of recovery.

Stage 2: Early Abstinence

Once, someone has committed to proceed with treatment for his/her substance abuse problem, he will enter the second phase of recovery known as early restraint. This can be the hardest stage to adapt to in light of numerous variables, including proceeded with withdrawal side effects, physical desires, mental reliance, and a large group of triggers that can entice someone into a relapse. It is during this early stage, a trained addiction counselor will start teaching the adapting aptitudes that one needs to start to lead a calm way of life. The tools that he learn to use now will help him/her throughout recovery.

Stage 3: Maintaining Abstinence

After roughly 90 days of persistent restraint, the addict will move from the early abstinence phase of recovery to the third stage to maintain abstinence. On the off chance that the individual began in a residential treatment program, he will currently move to the proceeding or follow-up advising period of recovery program on an outpatient premise.

One focal point of this phase of recovery is clearly to keep up restraint by maintaining a strategic distance from a relapse. He will gain proficiency with the notice signs and the means that can pave the way to a relapse.

Additionally during this phase of your recovery, he will figure out how to put the tools that he learned in early abstinence to use in different areas of his life with the goal that he can keep on carrying on with a calm way of life.

He will find that his future personal satisfaction relies upon more than simply not using. He will learn new adapting aptitudes and tools to assist him with building sound connections, create a drug-free life, manage outrage, use exercise and nutrition, learn employment and skill abilities, and refrain from subbing addictions.

The keeping up restraint phase of recovery will start at around a quarter of a year into your restoration program and last until he arrives at roughly five years clean and sober, at which time the follow-up counseling will normally end.

Stage 4: Advanced Recovery Stage

After roughly five years of abstinence, he will arrive at the fourth and last phase of his recovery: advanced recovery. It is that this point he/she takes all the tools and aptitudes that he has picked up during your recovery counseling and utilize them with a fantastic, satisfying life. Recovery is considerably more than simply remaining clean and sober. It's figuring out how to live well.

Understanding the Addiction Rehab Process

The treatment procedure is diverse for every individual. Individuals who have been utilizing drugs for a considerable length of time generally require more concentrated treatment than individuals who have been dependent for a couple of months. People with serious substance use issues may require a very long time of inpatient treatment. Others may require 30 days.


Each individual begins the recovery procedure by looking for a confirmed and reputed treatment place. In a perfect world, he'll have the choice to pick between different trustworthy centers. All things are considered, different factors, for example, area, holding up records, and protection inclusion figure out which centre he/she joins in and what sort of treatment the individual receives.

Finding a Centre

If its first endeavor at recovery, he'll have to figure out how to locate a quality addiction treatment centre. Distinctive treatment offices offer various services. A few places just give detox, which does little to treat the basic reasons for addiction. Different centres just give outpatient treatment or treatment to explicit addictions, for example, alcohol addiction or opioid addiction.

One needs to locate a centre that gives a full scope of services and treatment for your sort of fixation. In case if one is addicted to liquor or opioids, ensure the centre offers drug medication assistance that can improve recovery results.


Once the individual ends up finding up the right rehab facility that offers the type of treatment that one is seeking, he would contact the facility. Before calling, he/she may want to collect some information, such as a list of past and present medical conditions and a list of doctors or health providers that he/she has visited before.

How Anatta Can Help In Addiction Recovery

Anatta is today probably the only drug/alcohol rehab in the country catering to the prosperous class of people afflicted and affected by this ailment that is completely voluntary, which as a priority maintains the anonymity and confidentiality of its clientele and tailor-made the treatment process as per the individual making it client specific. The ambiance provided is luxurious and exclusive.

Anatta Humanversity, one of the best luxury rehab in India, uses a comprehensive way to help the individual and find the healing he/she deserves from alcohol and drug addiction. At Anatta, treatment involves Counselling, Meditation techniques, writing in a prescribed format, Yoga, Regression therapies, other alternate healing therapies, Homoeopathic medications to help faster recovery, appropriate diet, and nutritional supplementation, etc. Meditations enable catharsis of emotions to take place in a guided manner making way for the experience of a meditative state. Counselling continues and completes the process of turning in and transforming attitudes.

A team of dynamic experts at Anatta Humanversity will help an individual to get beyond the addiction and lead a productive fulfilling life .

Anyone who is looking to get rid of addiction he/she can contact us at +91 9967334000,+91 9967197766, [email protected] .

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