Guidelines to Find the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

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February 6, 2021
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March 6, 2021

Guidelines to Find the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

Guidelines to find the best rehabilitation center in Mumbai

Addiction not only ruins one life but also people associated with the addict. If one family member suffers from the compulsion of alcohol and drug then all his/her family members suffer too. People want to seek help but they don’t know where to start. The only way to get yourself free from drug and alcohol addiction is to look for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. There are many rehab centres available in Mumbai.

Mumbai – the city of dreams, it never sleeps. But shockingly the drug and alcohol addiction is also on the higher side. The addiction crisis is a massive concern in the city. The statistics of drug-related crimes confirmed that 14,274 cases under the Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act reported. This is an alarming figure.

Many youngsters in Mumbai have lost track due to addiction. The need for professional and luxury rehabs is rising rapidly in the city. Cheap drugs are easy to get which fueled the addiction problem.

Every crisis brings opportunity. These figures have pushed drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Mumbai to make people’s life addiction-free. The prime objective of drug and rehabilitation centres in Mumbai is to offer a comprehensive healing process of mind, body, and soul. Many rehab centres in Mumbai are rigorously working to help addicts get over from addiction. It can be overcome with a professional recovery process.

Choosing the best rehabilitation centre in Mumbai can be confusing and this makes sense. There are many reputed drug and alcohol rehab centres in Mumbai which provide an exclusive and intensive recovery process with this helps the addict to overcome addiction. A well-equipped rehab facility can provide a positive and supportive approach that can change the addict’s life in the longer run. Many drug and alcohol rehab centres in Mumbai offer treatment by confirming confidentiality. This always been a major cause of concern for many people to undergo addiction treatment in India.

There are many different treatment options, but it can be confusing, here are few things you can consider before finalizing a rehab centre in Mumbai or any place you are looking to –

Rehab Programs – Types 

Rehab programs can be varied from patient to patient. It depends on the patient’s condition and healthcare provider or counsellor’s assessment. First, you need to identify your situation before choosing a rehab centre.

  • Residential Treatment – In this treatment, a patient can stay in a non-hospital environment and receive intensive care for addiction. 
  • Non-Medical Treatment – Mostly, people look for addiction that is non-medical and addicts require proper counselling.
  • Destination Treatment – In this treatment, there will be a change in the addict’s location. He/she will be residing in a completely new ambience.

Choose Your Options

When you are selecting the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, you may want to finalize the best programs that meet your requirements. You can call the rehab’s staff or reach out to them and ask for more information.

Treatment Methods

Now, the next step is to look for a rehab program that can provide you with extensive and effective treatment methods. Many rehab centres provide few therapy types and they may not able to recognize your specific needs. A rehab program should offer therapies and counselling which effective in the long run. People find it hard to recover from drug and alcohol addiction completely if the treatment process does not fit their needs and approach.

The second most important thing is – mental health challenges. If the addict is facing severe mental health problems due to addiction then a recovery program should address this problem too.

Get clarity and ask questions about the treatment, such as: –

  • Types of treatment therapies they are offering?
  • Is there treatment is client-specific?
  • Is the program offer non-medical treatment?
  • Is there a team qualified enough to provide the best treatment possible?
  • If a person is in the treatment process then what can his family do?
  • Who will measure the patient’s progress and how?
  • How do you determine if the treatment has been effective?
  • – What will a patient have to do during the recovery process?

How To Handle Relapse?

Relapse is a common factor and it can be part of the recovery process. It’s crucial to understand that if a participant starts using drugs or alcohol again then how would the program responds, you can ask:

  • If a patient relapse during recovery then what will be the solution?
  • – Is any program dismiss the relapsed patients?

Some Important Factors To Choose A Rehab Centre

It is important to know that some therapies or programs may not provide the treatment effectively. Review the quality care checklist below which may help to decide on a rehab centre in Mumbai or anywhere else. There some points.

  • Recovery is overseen by one or more physicians
  • Training programs should be well-equipped to treat substance and drug abuse
  • 24×7 care should be available to the addict 
  • Continue care and support treatment provided by the rehab centre
  • If an addict relapses they will not be thrown out of the rehab centre
  • Treatment should be client-specific, non-medical and voluntary 
  • Lastly, the question has to be, “What is the best rehab for me?”, rather than “What’s the best rehab centre?”

    Rehab centres in Mumbai can offer a firmly confidential and single client-specific treatment platform to your loved one. Many people from all over the world come here for their treatment as they convincingly accommodated in Mumbai.

    Start Your Recovery

    Anatta Humanversity in Mumbai is one of the best rehab centres. It offers a comprehensive process of treatment. The recovery starts with a valuation of the medical history of the addict. It can be in the form of physical screening or mental health screening.

    The detoxification process starts and it varies from person-to-person. The common withdrawal symptoms can be frustrating. It may lead to insomnia, depression, sweating, and a few others.

    Then, the counselling session starts. During this session, individual and group counselling takes place. A well-organized session that helps the addicts to get recover from emotional and unseen pain.

    Eventually, rehab services are provided to the patients. It supports the addict to get back on a normal lifestyle even after the course gets completed. Anatta Humanversity organizes alumni meets in which the people from past batches can also join so that everyone can gain motivation and learn from each other’s experiences.

    Facilities and Services Provided by Anatta – A Reputed Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

    Anatta Humanversity is the most reliable rehab in Mumbai. The highly qualified and trained professional experts are available 24×7 to guide the clients. The staff caters to each and every small need of an individual. Its infrastructure includes top facilities like a gym, swimming pool, spacious rooms, etc.

    Anatta’s medical experts extend well researched clinical assistance and meticulously planned detox process to help addicts come out of the critical state of health.

    A team of dynamic experts at Anatta Humanversity, which consists of Mr. Mahesh Hiranandani (Managing Director), Dr. Sujatha Nair (Director), Dr. Rajiv N. Jerajani (Psychiatrist), and Ms. Vandana Hiranandani (Administrative Director & Family Therapist).

    If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, you can contact Anatta Humanverstiy’s counsellors at or call at 9967334000


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