How to Convince Someone to Go to the Rehabilitation Centre?

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How To Quit Alcohol?
January 11, 2021
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February 6, 2021

How to Convince Someone to Go to the Rehabilitation Centre?

How to Convince Someone to Go to the Rehabilitation Centre?



Depression, confusion and sadness are the part & parcel of almost everyone’s life. Some faceless, while some face a lot. People who are strong and courageous look forward to the solutions during their rough patch of life. While some of the people become hopeless and do not find ray of hope, thus get indulged into intoxication. People don’t get indulged into drug and alcohol addiction just because of problems in life, but some consume them because of excitement. They experience happy hormones and then the vicious circle of indulgence gets started.

The ill effects of drug and alcohol are not just limited to physical symptoms, but even mentally and socially, they undergo a lot of sufferings. Alcoholics and drug addicts develop liver, lungs and blood related problems which even can become the cause of death. Prolonged alcohol and drug abuse results into forgetfulness, anger, and fits, etc. Drug and alcohol addicts also become socially impaired and isolation is something which they start admiring the most. Friend circle, family environment and heredity are some of the major causes behind growing alcohol and drug addiction.

Self determination, friends & family support are some of the few solutions to get rid of alcohol and drug addiction. But, joining a rehabilitation centre is one of the most effective ways to win the battle against drug and alcohol abuse. But again it’s a tough fight for family members to convince the patient to join rehab centre.

But, not to worry, via this blog, here we have come up with the best measures to convince someone to go to the rehab centre:

  1. Have a one-to-one conversation: So, if you are the one who has noticed that it’s high time to send your close one to a rehabilitation centre, then talking to him/her closely is what one must look forward to at an initial level. It’s better to talk to the patient on one-to-one basis, so that he/she doesn’t hesitate to vent out his/her emotions. Pick the time and place which are appropriate with the schedules of both of you and there is no rush. A familiar place would be the best choice where both of you can relax and converse easily. Make sure the place should not be noisy and your loved one stays in the right state of mind, so that he/she can listen to you with full focus. Once, everything gets set and you see your loved one in the right mood, start heart – to – heart conversation.
  2. Be honest in your approach: Instead of beating around the bush, get the person on the topic as soon as possible. This will make the person sense that how serious are you towards his/her health. You have to make the patients understand that their addiction level has crossed a limit. Tell them how were they and what have they become in terms of their personality, speech, behaviour and talent. You need to realise the difference of before and after and which is why it is really important for them to join a rehab centre. This will help them overcome their addiction problems and they will be able to live life excitedly.
  3. Explain the consequences of their Actions: Explain to them how important is it for them to join a rehabilitation centre as drug and alcohol addiction is ruining their life from overall aspects. Tell them the heinous consequences of drug addiction like – losing a job, weak friendships, dropped out of school/college and no better image within society. They might face financial strain and even family might suffer a lot. In case the patients are married, then make them realise their responsibilities towards their spouse and children. Ask them who will take care of them if they would refrain from reality and let intoxication become their new world.
  4. Make them meet a recovered person after staying at rehab centre: Let your loved one meet someone who has left his/her habit of addiction after a good stay at the rehab centre. This may motivate them to join the rehabilitation centre to get rid of alcohol and drug addiction permanently. Listening to the positive experience of a person would leave a good image about staying at rehab centre. Listening to the saga of peaceful life post-rehab centre stay from the recovered person may generate a curiosity to join an alcohol rehabilitation centre.
  5. Don’t judge, just show them the right way: People who have never been addicted to the alcohol and drug can never understand the mind of addicted people. By making own opinions & ideas and watching out judgmental attitude of society may make you consider the drug addicts with not so positive outlook, but nevertheless, the judgment must be avoided during the conversation. Instead of showing a blaming attitude, empathize with them and understand their problems. It is really important to win the trust of patients and then advice them why joining a rehabilitation centre is beneficial for them.
  6. Take the patient for a quick visit to the rehab centre: A person who gets shackled by drugs survives in altogether a different world. It becomes quite difficult for him/her to understand the logics and wise talks about leaving intoxication. So, it’s better to let him/her experience the environment of the rehabilitation centre, instead of giving an explanation about joining the rehab centre. Take him to one of the most renowned alcohol rehabilitation centre which offers quality care and makes the patient feel comfortable. After experiencing the calm and composed environment of the rehabilitation centre, chances are the patient will make up his/her mind to join the rehabilitation centre.
  7. Try a group – meet approach: In case, one-on-one approach leaves a limited impact on the drug addicts, then trying for a group – meet is the right approach. Gather the closest friends and family and organize a light-hearted meet with the drug addict. Listening to advises and witnessing caring gestures may induce the patient to join a rehabilitation centre. Friends and family must extend their support saying that they will always be by his/her side and they would continuously visit the patient to listen to his feelings and thoughts.
  8. Take them to the professional counselor: Counselor intervention becomes necessary when alcohol and drug addicts are not being agreed to the advice of close friends and family to join a rehab centre. Counselors are the master of their field. Listening to the repercussions of alcohol and drug addiction from the mouth of an expert may transform their minds. Gradually, they may decide to join an alcohol rehabilitation centre.

Forcing your loved one to join the alcohol rehabilitation centre is not an easy path. But, watching your loved one dying every day due to drug and alcohol addiction is really painful. Hopefully, the points we have discussed above would definitely help you to let your loved one join a reputed rehabilitation centre.

Anatta Humanversity is the best rehabilitation centre to enroll your loved one for recovery. The rehab centre is built on the foundation of love and care. All the therapists are diligent and experienced. We manage each client as per his/her psyche. So get in touch with us today and book an appointment. We’d be happy to assist you in taking you back to the beautiful world you had experienced before.

Treatment @ AnattaHumanversity

Here at Anatta Humaneversity, our therapists are talented and experienced who assist individuals in identifying their issues related to Alcohol addiction and help them get engaged in a proactive form of relapse prevention. The therapies are offered on an individual and group basis and even a combination of both is also organized at times according to the status of an addict.

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