Natural Therapies in Treatment of Addictive/Depressive Behaviors & Psychosomatic Disorders

Fear of Missing Out
Fear of Missing Out
June 24, 2020
Meditation for Addiction Recovery
Meditation for Addiction Recovery
September 2, 2020

Natural Therapies in Treatment of Addictive/Depressive Behaviors & Psychosomatic Disorders

This is a Blog highlighting the content of Anatta’s last Webinar with Dr. Chintan Dalal

The ancient yogis were able to define mind and consciousness by becoming receptive to subtler vibrations in the universe & subtler realms of consciousness through which they derived the universal truth that consciousness is omnipresent.

Dimensions of the Mind

Krishna compares the mind to a chariot, the body and senses to the horses and the Atma ( self -awareness) as the charioteer. According to modern psychologists like Carl Jung – the mind has 3 states – conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious.

Every person takes pride in suffering which is the Ego & the root of all our sufferings. There are only 3 main Problems.

  • Relationship & Harmony
  • Wealth & Money
  • Health &Well- being.

Many become aware of these self -sabotaging patterns – but don’t know how to get beyond.

Many people blame and strongly believe that their ancestral patterning is Solely responsible, to suffer like this.This again is the trick of the Mind & Ego mechanism.

Scientifically the patterns develop as follows:

  • When a child is born, the brain is a tabula rasa, except for the parental genetic information
  • conditioning starts happening from parents, priests, educators, and society.
  • these form entrenched pathways in the brain.
  • repetition of behavioral patterns deepen & strengthen that pattern and one is more oblivious and unconscious of it.
  • Every body cell carries this programming .
  • In nature during the process of regeneration (Reproduction) – a parent out of their experiences teaches the “Child to BE LIKE ME.”
  • Every cell damaged by conditioning – relating to Health, Wealth, and Relations – while dying – transfers this memory to the Next generation, what we call– Ancestral Patterns.
  • What we receive new from the Society are Beliefs & Behavioural conditioning Patterns.

The 2 Fundamental Truths in Nature Are – Flow and Stagnation.

Excess Flow - the mind and body get into a fight and flight mechanism which leads to a stream of Addictive / Maniacal/obsessive, compulsive/aggressive / anxiety-based behaviors leading up to psychosomatic disorders which are categorized as Excesses in Ayurvedic and Taoist medicine schools.

Stagnation – there is accumulation, deficiency, weakness, debility, leading to dull, depressive, gloomy, stuck, listlessness- based behaviors, causing deficiency and stagnation based psychosomatic disorders.

The yogic, Ayurvedic and Taoist schools of medicine focus upon balancing or clearing these underlying excesses or deficiencies effectively using simple Breath corrections, meditations, naadi shodhana, herbs, acupuncture, and remedies, thereby, relieving underlying root energetic and emotional excess or stagnation causes, bringing homeostasis to the physical body and relieving chronic ailments.

Organ Psychology

Body is an intricately interconnected web governed by the mind but influenced by the organs which have their independent Emotional intelligence. We call this Organ psychology in yoga and Taoist schools. This web of thought and emotion is brought to life by the Fascia and neuromuscular movement. It maintains this dance of the fascia through symmetry and Tensegrity.

Our view of the body and mind is very different than the modern methods – which is more clinical. We, on the other hand, evolved as a society that understood the underlying emotions and energies.

We categorize all people within 7 fundamental Psychological patterns called In Ayurveda “Manas Prakruti”. Their view of the world is fixed through a particular lens and thus their physical experience too. Imbalance in this psychological constitution is what we believe as the emotional root cause of most manifested Mental and Physical ailments.

Treating the underlying psychological imbalance to heal the mind and the body is where we have found natural success. As a matter of fact it is only the chronic and the unhealed by modern methods who come seeking alternatives with us.

In our experience we, have devised 7 treatment protocols for these 7 fundamental psychological imbalances. And the results have been truly noteworthy.

The Breath and The Mind

Breathing not only maintains the physical body, it is a direct medium for the evolution of consciousness. The rate of our breathing quickly responds to changes in our physical or mental condition.

For eg: in anger, breathing becomes really fast and shallow, while in deep sleep it becomes slow and deep.

Our moods create electrochemical disturbances in the body. When we remain in one state of mind for an extended period of time, the natural rhythmic cycle of elements is disturbed. Because the elements form the physical reality of our psychological responses, one particular chemical environment can dominate within our body.

Our study on “Breath Diagnosis” can tell us practically the Mental, emotional and physical health of any person. We call it the Tower of breath manifestations. Ayurvedic Naadi Parikshan as a science has evolved from the same school of understanding the breath.

The Universe as Sound

The whole Universe, is only a form of Various Sounds, Harmonics, and Vibrations, the most elemental state, being sound. Everything has an optimum range of vibration called resonance. When in resonance, we are in balance. One way is to recognize that every organ, and every cell, absorbs and emits sound, and has a particular optimum resonate frequency.

Emotions and mental states have certain resonant frequencies; this is the secret behind the transformative power of spiritual music and songs, spoken prayers, and mantras. 

Therapeutic sound and sound therapy techniques are used to realign the “out of sync frequencies” you may be experiencing within your mind or body, by exposing you to the optimum frequencies for the changes you wish to make within yourself.


Suchivedhana the science of piercing ultra-fine Filiform needles originally developed in the Siddha Ayurveda in South India, which then traveled to other parts of Asia. Our ancient Rishis understood the intricate system of Myofascial anatomy and organ psychology to balance the body-mind to treat ailments which now Modern science is validating. Releasing the tension by way of a simple prick and we have seen miracles in the clinical setting. But there are no miracles. These are just deeper clinical sciences that have evolved and stood the test of time.

Flower Remedies

Were introduced to the world of homeopathy by Dr. Edward Bach who said, the Symptoms of an illness are external expressions, the bodily manifestations of negative emotional states.

His postulate was “Treat the Person, Not the Illness”. Therefore, he started looking for Soul remedies that could influence the cause of illness and rediscovered an ancient offshoot of Ayurveda, called Pushpa –Veda.

He identified and refined 38 remedies which when used relieve the emotion and thus the sickness too.

Dr.Chintan refined this even further and re-established the connection of each Organ with its psychological consciousness, its underlying emotional manifestations, and imbalances. We can over the number of years simply take a Naadi Parikshan ( Pulse Diagnosis) of the person and tell them exactly what emotional, thought pattern, depressive tendencies, and physical symptoms they are suffering without them having to actually say much.

Flowers have innate vibratory frequencies which help tune the Mind into a higher frequency. As per the theory of resonance – whenever there is a higher frequency within the atmosphere- the lower raises itself to meet the higher, in the process is permanently transformed.

Ayurveda & Homoeopathy

Ayurveda and Homoeopathy also work as fundamental sciences of frequency balancing and management. We use them to alleviate the mind and the body, to ensure a very smooth transition of the entire healing process.

At Anatta Humanversity

We have integrated all methods of healing, individualized to a client’s needs. Our strengths lie in the foundation of Diagnosis through Naadi (pulse) and Breath, identifying the root causes of emotional traumas and addictions and then through the right tools and techniques of mobilizing the mind Anatta Humanversity achieve freedom and healing from the underlying behavioral imbalance.

Yogic and Taoist processes focus more on tools and hands-on approach techniques which help us ensure measurable transformation and change.

Counselling - eclectic modes, with self -disclosure playing a huge role, coming from an experiential counselor, acts as an inspiration and motivation to do the work required to reach internal harmony and balance

Meditation - Meditative techniques are psychotherapeutic and enable release of suppressed and repressed emotions stored in the mind-body .

Introspective Writing - Involves writing perceived painful incidents and label the emotions affected separately. This process eventually facilitates a detachment of emotions from the incidents.

Holistic healing for addictive behaviors and emotional imbalances is the key.

Dr. Chintan Dalal & Dr.Sujatha Nair


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