Simultaneous Addictions of Cocaine and Alcohol

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January 2, 2018
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Simultaneous Addictions of Cocaine and Alcohol

Mixing Alcohol and Cocaine

Mixing Alcohol and Cocaine

Cocaine has been the party drug of choice of the movers and shakers for a long time now. However, there is a dangerous trend across the world, of the concurrent use of alcohol and cocaine. As a consequence, the use abuse and addiction to both cocaine and alcohol simultaneously is on the rise.

Many con current users need alcohol in order to use cocaine. Alcohol is a downer. Snorting cocaine causes an instant high; however the quantum of cocaine consumed can be more as the person is already intoxicated with alcohol. Most times in order to bring down the high of cocaine and to sleep and also to ease out the negative effects of a cocaine dip as the effect reduces, alcohol is again drunk. The quantum of alcohol required to be consumed in order to bring down the high is also quite a bit.

Thus, because alcohol and cocaine are so dissimilar this is extremely dangerous and can lead to alcohol poisoning  that is fatal.

Signs and Symptoms of Simultaneous Use

There is an increase in violent behavior and rage outbursts.

Pupils are dilated

Stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting

Palpitations of the heart




Chest pain



Hallucinations etc

Increased risky , perverted and violent sexual behavior than if either of there drugs were used alone.

There is difficulty in perceiving and registering emotions of anger and sadness in others

Long Term Effects Of Simultaneous Use


Nose bleed due to damage to nasal septum


Chronic runny nose

Problems in swallowing


Liver damage, cirrhosis

Cardiac arrests


Gross mood swings


Processing  of The Combination of Alcohol and Cocaine

In the liver cocaine and alcohol are broken down. They form a toxic substance called cocaethylene which is more toxic than cocaine or alcohol. This can prove to be fatal and result in death.

There have been numerous incidents of death due to this .


More and more young people in their teens are taking to abusing alcohol in a big way and cocaine is not far away, too many young deaths are resultant .



Emotional swings, sudden crying spells, inability to process emotions, stomach cramps lack of appetite, tremors, insomnia, nightmares etc can happen in withdrawals. Specific care and medication are given during the detoxification phase .

Residential treatment of minimum 8-12 weeks is required in a non judgmental loving ambience wherein one to one care is given. Meditation is very psychotherapeutic in settling the swinging emotions and calming the person. One to one counseling, introspective writing, sharing all combined together help the person to heal and recover.

We at AH provide such an ambience.

Awareness of the solution needs to spread.


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