YA BA (crazy pill)

Heroin/Brown Sugar
Heroin/Brown Sugar
September 25, 2018
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November 30, 2018

YA BA (crazy pill)

YA BA (crazy pill)

YA BA (crazy pill)

Content  – Combination of methamphetamine and caffeine. At times, instead of caffeine, heroin, cocaine, LSD, or Viagra can be present or used in addition. Other ingredients included are hydrochloric acid ( extracted from pool chemicals ) acetone ( nail polish remover ), red phosphorus, sulphuric acid (extracted from drain cleaners ), and lithium from camera batteries.

Common names across the world

  • Madness drug, Nazi speed
  • Thai – Ya-maa (horse medicine)  Ya-khayan ( hard-working pill)  Ya ba (crazy pill)
  • Burma – kyethi (button), athi, and palarkar
  • Bangladesh – Baba, laai, khawon, loppy, bichi
  • India -Bhul bhulaiya
  • China maa goo- ma- guo
  • Produced

as a round pill – colors red, yellow, orange, lime green, small round with R or WY written on it.  Usually smuggled in drinking straws.

Routes of Consumption – Orally . The tablet can also be kept on a foil and heated at the bottom, fumes are inhaled. Fixed, with tablets crushed to powder and inhaled or injected with a solvent.

History – It was used by truck drivers and horses in the early ’60s or ’70s in Thailand till it was banned after bad accidents happened. This drug has elevated from the dredges to the higher echelons of society.

The drug is primarily manufactured in Myanmar and smuggled across the Thai border and into Laos, China and India through the Northeastern region.


The high, if consumed Orally, lasts for 8-10 hours,  if inhaled lasts for 1-3 hours only. The downer of Yaba is very severe. It is mixed with vanilla and chocolate flavors hence it smells like vanilla and chocolate. There is an instant burst of energy and euphoria, increased activity, prolonged sense of well being, loss of appetite.

Short term

Ya ba prevents the person from sleeping for days on end. It increases the desire to have sex enormously pushing the person to indulge in unsafe sex too. The person becomes very aggressive and can be violent after the drug. It kills the appetite, hence the person does not eat. Increased blood pressure and nausea with dilated pupils.

 Excessive doses can result in convulsions, seizures and death from respiratory failure, stroke or heart failure. The drug can trigger psychiatric ailments like psychosis too.

Long term

Gross Weight loss, hair fall, Alopecia areata, skin ulcers, teeth decay, renal damage, cardiac problems,  seizures, elevated blood pressure.

Withdrawals Symptoms

  • Severe cramps
  • Excessive sleep
  • Aggression, Agitation
  • Emotional swings
  • Anxiety
  • Speed of thought
  • Paranoea

The above symptoms can be countered with suitable medications during detoxification in a safe hospital environment.


This needs to be done in a voluntary, accepting, compassionate environment. At Anatta Humanversity, Counseling, meditation, and introspective writing that makes one focus on taking responsibility for oneself are the bedrocks of treatment. Meditation allows the mind that runs like a horse as an aftermath of dependence on Ya ba to slow down, calm down, focus, and separate emotions from the events of life that have been traumatic. Thus, we treat the individual holistically.


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