How To Quit Alcohol?

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January 11, 2021
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How to Convince Someone to Go to the Rehabilitation Centre?
February 5, 2021

How To Quit Alcohol?

How to quit alcohol?

quit alcohol guide

Just like any other drug, alcohol can impact the human body badly. Drinking a small amount of alcohol is no harm, but it’s frequent intake and large quantity can adversely affect the brain and body of a person. Alcohol can cause more damage to the central nervous system. A person may start experiencing tingling sensations and numbness in feet and hands. Its long-term use damages the frontal lobe making it difficult for a person to retain long-term memories, reduce the ability to think clearly, and opt for rational choices. Even, emotionally also a person gets so much drained out. The emotions tend to dominate the logic of life.

But did you know in spite of so many ill-effects discussed above, the rate of regular drinkers is increasing exponentially? Even WHO report has stated that how alcohol accounts to death and disability than those who consume tobacco. Before it’s too late, the alcohol addicts must cut back on alcohol.

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Here we bring some of the best tips that would answer your biggest question – how to quit alcohol?

Let Your Willpower Dominate Your Mind

Making up your mind firmly that you will walk on the path of alcohol de-addict life is the first step towards quitting alcohol. You must pre-plan everything like what will you do if you would urge the feel to drink. How would you hold yourself back if your alcoholic friends would pressurize you to join them again? The alcoholics must identify their triggers and should repeat positive affirmations to transform their thinking patterns. Know the coping strategies in advance and try to distract yourself whenever the alcohol appears be it a friends’ gathering, family get – together or a professional party. Your willpower is the most powerful way to answer how to quit alcohol?

Get Yourself To Moderate Drinking

Get your drinking habits reduced if quitting drinking completely is quite difficult. At least a person can cut down on the quantity and frequency of drinking. Definitely, it would be difficult to achieve, but there are various strategies that come as a huge help. You can make your own schedule that only on these days you will drink. This will definitely achieve a moderation in the drinking habits. You can also ask your near and dear ones in office and home that they must hold him/her back, in case he/she tries shows his/her interest in drinking.

Seek Medication

Medication is one of the most effective ways to stop drinking. You can contact a specialist who would assess all your symptoms and would advise you on the right treatment to get rid of them permanently. He/she can advise you to consume right medicines like -acamprosate, disulfiram, naltrexone, baclofen, gabapentin etc. These medications are mostly FDA approved and help you overcome physical addiction from alcohol. These medicines contribute a lot in curbing alcohol addiction. This makes the psychological fight against alcohol addiction much easier. The professional doctors keep on changing the medicines as per the changing conditions of alcohol addicts.

Adopt Self-Care Techniques

Drug addiction is a habit and getting rid of it is much in your own hands. With regular medication, positive affirmations while going to bed are the best ways that work in favor of you. Other important techniques like – deep breathing, om chanting also help you stay balanced and mindful. Make good changes in daily lifestyle too – get up on time, sleep on time, eat fresh meals, have them on time, and eat them by affirming positive thoughts. So, the idea is to be kind to yourself, talk to a friend, seek advice from any senior, and stay positive. In fact, many rehabilitations recommends this technique while answering how to stop drinking alcohol.

Explore New Activities To Replace Drinking Fun

Ain’t you getting right ways on how to stop drinking? Then, it’s time to explore other hobbies like – sports, arts, crafts, music, hiking, etc. Pass your day with these hobbies and replace alcohol with these relaxing activities. These activities will eventually help remove the alcohol from life. Alcohol addicts can also join a club which conducts a lot of outdoor activities. Alcoholics can contact a group who are into physical or creative activities by joining them via apps and online communities. These apps and communities will help the alcoholics to stay connected with other sober people who have similar interests.

Start Reading About the Health Benefits of Shunning Alcohol

If the alcohol addicts start reading about the health benefits of leaving alcohol, then the content will give more signals to the brain to shunalcohol in order to become healthy, fit and fine. The books can be ordered online. They are easily available on Amazon. If online reading is preferred, then one can explore some more blogs on the virtual platform and enhance knowledge. Life can be no worth living if your health is not keeping well. The heart, liver, lungs, kidney, brain, intestine must work in the best condition to keep your health in the best mode.

Find a New Drink

It’s better to find the right replacement of alcohol beverages. You can replace them with green tea, fresh juices, or even flavored water like – tulsi water or pudina water. You can also try hands-on various drinks like a lot of recipes are available online like – mixing water with chopped fruits and herbs. Adding cinnamon sticks, spices, cloves, ginger, cardamom to tea, or apple cider vinegar can also be some of the best options to replace intoxicated alcohol which brings seconds of pleasures, but health issues for a lifetime.

Make Well – Being Your New Priority

If the alcohol addicts can make well-being the new priority of life, then they would automatically get all the answers related to how to stop drinking alcohol. They are likely to feel more energized and inspired to keep up with the progress. The overall health of a person can get improved by staying hydrated, eating balanced meals, having a sound sleep, and staying physically active. Hiking, cycling, walking, gymming, swimming, etc. are some of the best ways to increase energy and boost mood.

Get Your Environment Changed

When alcohol becomes a part of daily routine, then the point to be noted is that somewhere environment is the major issue. Definitely, you can’t suddenly reinvent your dwelling, but some necessary changes can bring a huge difference. First of all you have to remove bar from your home. In fact, dump all the wine and beer glasses which can remind you about to have a peg. Replace these things with the positive decorative items – Lord Buddha, fuming candles which bring optimistic feelings within homes.

Innovate New Ideas To Cope-Up

Last, but not least, you must take out some time to invent new ideas to cope up with the alcoholic triggers. Whenever you feel sad or depressed, start seeing the old pictures or just pick up a phone and talk to your loved ones who motivate you a lot. You can also explore different ways to new friendships, but analyze them properly before relying them fully.

So, if you often ponder how to quit alcohol, follow the points we have discussed above, and surely they will help you take your life towards the brighter side. Be kind to yourself! Alcohol abuse will not help you live life fully, but positive thinking will offer you the gift of peace.

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